WhatsApp Aero

Of the many variants of the modified version of whatsapp or more familiar with the whatsapp mod apk, whatsapp aero one including the WA mod Apk which has various cool features embedded in it and is the most sought after by whatsapp users. The WhatsApp mod application developed by developer Hazar Bozkurt is no longer in doubt.

You need to know Hazar Bozkurt is a WhatsApp Aero developer who has never been replaced until now. Not only that, Hazar Bozkurt is also an expert in various other fields such as Mobile Apps Development, Spy Software Expert, Application Modder, and others. Looking at the background owned by the WhatsApp Aero developer, of course, we have no doubts about WhatsApp Aero.

This version of Whatsapp Mod is no less cool and popular than GB WhatsApp and YoWhatsApp which we shared in the previous article. Now for those of you who want to try switching by using this WhatsApp application. You can download the WhatsApp Aero file at the link we have provided in the article.

But before going to the download link, it would be nice if you first read some important points regarding the following WA Aero Apk.

WhatsApp Aero Related Overview

We have to admit that WhatsApp has indeed become one of the most important applications and can be said to be mandatory for every smartphone user to install. This message-responding messenger application does have a myriad of interesting features that are very useful for its users. Even so, not a few WhatsApp users are dissatisfied with the features in WhatsApp.

The reason is that the features in WhatsApp cannot be used optimally because there are certain limitations. It’s no wonder that many people have switched to using the WhatsApp mod version. Well, Whatsapp aero itself is one of the WA mods that many WhatsApp mod users choose.

This WhatsApp mod application has various important and cool features that are not in the original WhatsApp version. For example, if in the original whatsapp we can send videos with a maximum size of 16 MB, then by using whatsapp aero you can send videos with a maximum size of 700 MB. Now, while the various other features in WhatsApp Aero can be seen in full below.

WhatsApp Aero features

In this article, we explain some of the features in WhatsApp Aero. So what are the important features in WA Aero? Come on, see the following explanation.

Size of send video Maximum 700 MB

As we explained above, on watsapp aero you can send videos with a maximum size of 700 MB. This is of course quite large because on WhatsApp the maximum maximum for sending videos is only 16.

Maximum size of sending images is 50 MB

With the capacity to send 50 MB image files, of course, you can send various high quality images without having to compress the images first. Now on WhatsApp ori itself, the maximum for sending images is only 16.

Long video on status

You can also make a status on whatsapp with a long video. As we know, on WhatsApp ori we can only make video statuses for a short duration only.

Hide online status

For this feature, it is also available on WhatsApp ori. You can set your online status so that other WhatsApp users don’t know when you’re accessing your WhatsApp account.

Status always online

If the feature was to hide online status when you are accessing your whatsapp account. Then this feature is the opposite, you can set your whatsapp account to look always online even though you are not using the whatsapp application.

Sending a blank message

This one feature is only found in the WhatsApp mod version, one of which is WhatsApp Aero. By using this feature you can send blank messages on whatsapp. Well, this feature is usually used when you’re faking your friends by sending empty messages.

Anti delete messages

The anti-delete message feature is very useful, especially for online sellers. Why ? Yes, sometimes you need a chat history of your chat with prospective buyers or customers to be used as evidence if there is a problem.

Change theme

One of the many WhatsApp users who want to switch to using WhatsApp Aero is because they are bored with the same WhatsApp mod appearance. Now on WhatsApp Areo, there are many choices of themes that you can change as you like.

Varian emoji

In addition, you can also use various variants of emoji that you can use during chat or status on WhatsApp. By using emoji it is more interesting.

Download WhatsApp Aero

Some of the features that we described above are just some of the features in WhatsApp Aero. Some of the other features in WA aero are certainly no less cool than whatsapp plus which we have shared in the previous article. Now for those of you who are interested in using WA aero, please download it at the link we have provided below.

Application NameWhatsApp Aero
UpdatedDecember 29, 2020
Current version8.61
Size65.99 MB
Need android4.0 and above
Minimum storage space500 MB
Minimal RAM1 GB
DeveloperHazar Bozkurt

How to Install

Because WA aero is classified as a third-party application that is not available on the app store or google play store. So to install this application you must first activate the install permission for the WhatsApp Aero apk file. You can follow the steps as follows.

  1. First download Whatsapp aero at the link we have provided above
  2. If so, please open the settings menu on your cellphone then select the security menu and activate unknown sources
  3. Open the downloaded file storage folder on your cellphone then select the whatsapp aero file
  4. Please install and wait a while until the installation process is complete

Is WA Aero Anti Banned

So far whatsapp aero is still safe and indeed this version of whatsapp can be said to be anti-banned. Well, as for safe tips so that WA aero doesn’t get banned, that is, immediately update to the latest version if it’s available. These tips are considered the safest and anti-banned.


That’s what we can share at this time regarding whatsapp aero. Hopefully the short review that we share here can be useful for all readers. That way you don’t waste your internet quota to read the information in this article. thank you