Sub Translate Apk

Sub translate apk is the answer for those of you who like to watch foreign films or dramas such as Hollywood, Mandarin, Korean, and others through your cellphone device. Yes, this application will help you to translate the language in the conversation in the movie you are watching. Well, for those of you who want to know more details regarding the sub translate application. Please read this article.

Watching foreign films or Korean dramas is one of the cheap entertainment alternatives during this current pandemic. How not, only with a smartphone device that is connected to the internet network, we can watch various of our favorite films, both domestic and foreign films. But unfortunately not all foreign films have a conversational language translation in the film.

This of course makes the storyline in the film less interesting. We can not know the expression of joy, sadness, or tension in the film. Therefore, on this occasion we recommend for you an application called Sub Translate Apk. This application can help you translate various languages ​​of your favorite foreign films.

By using this Sub Translate Apk, of course watching your favorite Korean movie or drama is more interesting and you will also feel more comfortable watching your favorite foreign film marathon for a long time. Okay, just for those of you who are curious about the Sub Translate Apk. Please you can download at the link that we have provided in this article.

Overview of Sub Translate Apk

You must try the conversational language translator application in this film, especially for those of you who like watching Korean films or dramas through your smartphone device. You can also use Sub Translate Apk to translate languages ​​on YouTube videos that don’t have subtitles.

In addition to making it easier for you when you watch videos, you can also use this application as a means to learn foreign languages ​​such as English, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and others. Yes, by watching films in different languages ​​and with subtitles, you indirectly learn the language in the film.

Download Sub Translate Apk

Watching YouTube videos in foreign languages ​​that don’t have video subtitles is now not an obstacle anymore. In fact, now you can also watch all your favorite foreign films without any language barrier by using the help of the Sub Translate application.

Well, for those of you who want to use the Sub Translate application. We have prepared the application file in this article. You just need to download and install Sub Translate Apk on your android device.

Application NameSub Translate
Size9 MB
Current version1.20
Require Android4.2+

How to Install

For those of you who have often installed applications that are not listed on the Google Play Store. You certainly have no problems regarding how to install this Sub Translate application. Well, for those of you who still don’t know the steps. Please follow as in the tutorial below.

1. After you have downloaded the Sub Translate apk successfully

2. Then open the settings menu on your android phone then select Security and activate unknown sources

3. Open the downloaded file storage folder and look for the Sub Translate apk file

4. If you have found it then please install it

5. Wait a while until the installation process is complete

Way to use

After the Sub Translate apk is installed on your Android device, you can immediately use the application. As for how to use it please you can follow as below.

1. Open the Sub Translate application that you installed earlier

2. Next you are asked to login using your google account

3. then please select the original language (the language you want to use)

4. Select the search feature and please type the movie you want to watch

5. Play the movie you want to watch and after that this application will automatically display the translation into the language you choose in the movie


That’s all we can share at this time regarding the Sub Translate application. Please download, install, and use the Sub Translate application to make it easier for you to watch your favorite movies through your Android cellphone device. thank you