Live Mod Apk

Live Mod Apk – Filling free time can be done in various ways, such as sports, hanging out with friends, playing games, to watching movies on a smartphone. And watching can be done on a smartphone without the need to go out to watch at the cinema and so on, by using an application, one of which is Viu.

Viu is indeed no stranger to Korean drama fans, because Viu provides a lot of streaming shows and the latest or old dramas that can be watched for free, but there are some who pay to be able to watch these shows. But, now you don’t have to worry anymore, because there is a way you can do to watch dramas or shows for free.

And for those of you who like to watch Korean dramas or other Asian TV broadcasts for free, you can try it by using the Viu Premium Mod apk. Which really helps you watch various dramas, movies and other shows for free. Curious as to what? We recommend that you read more about this article, because we will discuss the Viu Premium mod apk in full.

What Is Viu Premium Mod Apk

Viu is a video service managed by PCCW Media, which is a subsidiary of PCCW. Viu was issued in 2015 in Hong Kong, and managed to enter Indonesia in 2017. Viu is a live streaming application that also provides many Korean films and dramas and others, you can get it for free.

Viu allows you to watch any drama, movie or show that you can watch anytime. Not only Indonesia, but there are several Asian countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, and many others. And the content contained in the Viu application is legal and has managed to get approval from various related labels.

Viu also implements a subscription system, namely Viu premium. In this version you can access Viu in full and a very large number of videos than the free version. However, some people certainly can’t subscribe to Viu Premium. Therefore, they are looking for ways to overcome this, one of which is by using the Viu Premium mod apk.

Download Viu Mod Apk

For those of you who like to watch movies or dramas for free and without limits, and want to try using the Viu Premium Mod Apk, we will provide a download link that you can download for free, just by pressing the download button below.

Application NameSaw
Updated5 December 2020
Current Version1.0.98
Require Android version5.0 and higher
DeveloperVuclip Mobile Video


There are several interesting features that you can use, and you will never get it in the original version. For that, please refer to the explanation below regarding the Viu Premium mod apk features as follows.

Watch & Download Favorite Videos

There are several popular streams such as, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more that you can use in this Viu Premium mod apk. And it can be enjoyed from which country you are from, you can watch streaming shows as you wish and without certain limits.

In addition, there are several languages ​​that can be used, including local languages ​​originating from various countries. This application is indeed very useful when used. And you can download videos and watch them offline.

Quality Videos + Subtitles

In this application, you can enjoy high-quality content, there are also choice options, namely HD and SD, and enable or disable subtitles that are available in this mod application.

In addition, you can watch regular Asian regional TV shows because they are widely available here. And it is possible for you to watch local TV broadcasts that go directly to your device based on location.

Multi Screen

In this mod application it allows you to sync between phones and tablets, because of the multi-screen synchronization. And it will make it easier for you to watch all shows with various devices, especially if a large device will provide its own excitement when watching.

Recommended Movies or Shows

You can get a movie or show recommendation based on a location that has a variety of interesting genres provided. Like, comedy, horror and many others.

In addition, by adding the latest media every day, you will enjoy this mod application more and not get bored easily. You can watch all shows according to the genre you want from various worlds though.

Bookmark Favorite Content

This mod application can allow you to mark events or content that will be watched later, and make you not have to lose track of looking for it. And you can see the viewing history later.

Simple Interface

This mod app provides a simplified interface to ensure that there are no hidden features. When watching shows or videos, subtitles, volume, quality control settings and much more without you having to close the program again.

Experience Review

Because how to use this is relatively easy and fast to understand, so it’s impossible if someone doesn’t understand it. With simple controls accompanied by attractive and amazing channels for a great user experience. And make this app run without any problem.

How to Install

Because it is no longer an application on the PlayStore, therefore installing this mod application needs to be done manually, and if you don’t understand how to install it. Please follow the steps we provide below.

  1. Make sure the Viu Premium mod apk has been successfully downloaded.
  2. And make sure again if there are no other Viu Installation packages that are still installed on your device now.
  3. If it manages to find the installation package from the storage file
  4. Then click on Viu Premium mod apk.
  5. And wait a few moments until the process is complete.
  6. When finished, you can use the mod application to watch your favorite drama.

How to Use Viu Mod Apk

Please note, accessing Viu Premium Mod can be done in countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore (English, Chinese), Philippines English and Thailand. For Indonesia itself, if you want to access the Viu Premium mod, please follow the method below.

  1. First, please download the VPN apk first
  2. Then Install
  3. When finished, open the VPN apk
  4. Then, setting the Ip VPN to a country that has been included in the list of countries that can access Viu Premium Mod apk
  5. If it’s finished, then you can already use the Viu Premium Mod Apk on your smartphone


That’s what we have said about the Viu Premium Mod Apk that you can use to watch dramas or other shows from various countries in the world for free without spending any money. Therefore, please download and install the application for free by pressing the download button that we have shared above. Hopefully this article is useful for all. Thank you.