Joox VIP Mod Apk

Joox VIP Mod Apk – Currently, there are many applications that are very useful for us to use. And not only applications that are useful for communication purposes, but there are many music applications that we can enjoy just by downloading them on the Google PlayStore for free. For example, Joox. Of course, you already understand not about this application?

JukeBox or what we usually say with Joox is an online service application and has been developed by a company Tencent Mobility Limited in China, China. And that can be used on android or iOS devices. And it’s still the same company as the WeChat app.

This application is very popular in various countries, such as China, Malaysia, and in Indonesia itself, of course there are many other countries. Joox provides a variety of music with different genres and from various labels. Like the genres of Pop, RnB, Rock, Remix, DJ and many others.

However, one thing that Joox users really regret is the VIP feature where users have to subscribe to get extra services. For example Play On Demand, improve quality, ad-free and much more.

But, you don’t need to worry anymore because Joox VIP Mod apk is now available which can allow you to use premium features and without the need to spend money. Curious? Please see more details as follows.

About Joox VIP Apk

Joox VIP Apk is a streaming application that is intentionally created by a third party to be able to access all VIP features for free. Of course this is very suitable for those of you who can listen to or download music without the need to spend any money freely.

Joox VIP Apk provides many very interesting features, which you cannot find in the free version or the original version. In essence, if you use this application then it is very beneficial for all of you. Not surprisingly, if this application is sought after by those who like music. To find out the full features, please see below.


As already said, this application provides a lot of features that you can’t find in the original or free version. Below is a collection of Joox VIP Mod Apk features that you can get.

1. Access Millions of Songs

In the Joox VIP apk feature, you can access millions of songs from around the world. Do not forget also available local songs and so on. All of them are available very much and are not limited, what’s even more interesting is that you can enjoy the latest collection of songs later.

You can also access it in offline mode if needed, for example, you are reluctant to download songs continuously. And to be able to access this is not just streaming. Therefore, you can also download the offline version and listen to it anytime you want.

2. Playlists And Lyrics

There are many playlists that are adjusted by category, which is useful for being able to listen to the songs you want, besides that there are lyrics that make it easier for you if you want to sing by looking at the text provided.

If you are not satisfied with the Playlist, then you can use the Playlist creation feature. Therefore, you can take any song you want to be put into the Playlist.

3. Best Radio Recommendations

Here, you can enjoy famous radio broadcasts and digital radio. So it’s not just the song. You can listen to all these broadcasts in recorded form or online. Usually, there are 50 radios that have very good broadcast quality for you to listen to.

4. Doing Sharing

Furthermore, not much interesting. If you have a favorite song or video? You can use the sharing feature or share. Therefore, you can share with friends or others.

5. Music Video

Not just songs, there are also several music videos that you can watch live. And, you don’t have to open YouTube, and only using this application you can be used for various things that you need.

Download Joox VIP Mod Apk

If you are interested in this mod application, you can directly download it easily, and below we will provide a download link for you to download for free.

Application NameJOOX
UpdatedDecember 3, 2020
Current Version5.9.0
SizeVaries by device
Require Android versionVaries by device


How to Install

After successfully downloading, the next step is to install the application. Because this application has an Apk file form, and must be installed manually. Please follow the method that we provide below.

  1. First, in the settings please click “Allow the installation of applications from unknown sources”
  2. After that, open the apk file that you downloaded earlier. Then install and wait a while until the process is complete
  3. Next, it is important for you to check the compatibility of the version with the smartphone
  4. Finally, then you can already listen to music in the application
  5. Finished


Well, that’s some information about Joox VIP Mod Apk, which you can enjoy millions of songs and radio broadcasts to listen to along with various interesting features in it. Hopefully this article is useful. Thank you.