FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp – This whatsapp mod apk variant is also no less cool than WhatsApp Aero which we shared in the previous article. WhatsApp mod developed by Fouad Mods is one of the WA mod apk which is quite popular and is widely used by whatsapp users who switch to using whatsapp mod.

Various cool features have been embedded in FM WhatsApp so for those of you who are still confused about finding the best modified version of WhatsApp with a myriad of cool features in it. Then FMWhasApp will answer your doubts all this time. By using FMWhatsApp, you can enjoy various cool mod features that are not found in the original WhatsApp version.

Well, for those of you who are interested in using the FMWhatsApp Apk. You can download directly in this article. But before you go to the FMWhatsApp download link. Please first read some other important information related to the following FMWA apk.

FMWhatsApp at a glance

The original version of WhatsApp actually already has a myriad of features that are fairly complete and complete. Various features in WhatsApp have met the needs of its users for communication purposes. It’s just that some WhatsApp features can’t be used optimally.

There are usage limitations in using the features in WhatsApp ori, for example, to send video files, photos, and others that are limited in size. It’s no wonder that FM WhatsApp is now getting more and more sought after because it is considered more attractive and has several advantages that are not in the original WhatsApp.

WhatsApp FM Features

The following are some of the important features embedded in the FM WhatsApp application.

Number of letters in status 255 Words

If on the original whatsapp you can only write a status with a maximum of 139 words. So by using this modified version of WhatsApp, you can write a status with a maximum of 255 words.

long status

By downloading FM WhatsApp, it allows you to create long statuses on WhatsApp.

Long video duration on status

In addition to the long word count in WhatsApp status, FM WhatsApp also allows you to create statuses using long videos.

Hide online status

You can also hide online status in your whatsapp account. So that other WhatsApp users don’t know when you are doing activities on your WhatsApp account.

Status always online

You can also set your status to appear online continuously even if you are not using your WhatsApp account. This feature is very useful, especially for online sellers.

Sending a blank message

This one feature is very interesting, because by using this feature you can send empty messages to your friends. the send empty message feature is usually used for fun of others.

Anti delete messages

You can set all chat chat history so that it cannot be deleted by your chat opponent by using this feature. Of course, this feature is very useful, especially for those of you who have an online shop business.

Change theme

Tired of the same WhatsApp look? don’t worry, because by using FM WhatsApp you can change the whatsapp theme as you want with a wide selection of themes.

Varian emoji

Replying to messages using emoji is indeed very interesting. On the side without having to write down the length of what you want to express. You can also use it for exclamations on whatsapp status.


Download FMWhatsApp APK

The features that we described above are a small part of some of the features in FMWhatsApp APK. Well, to explain more, you’d better just use this WhatsApp mod variant by downloading it at the link we provide below.

Application NameFMWhatsAp
Updated11 December 2020
Current version8.65
Size44.35 MB
Require Android4.0 and above
Minimum storage space500 MB
Minimal RAM1 GB
DeveloperFouad Mods

Cara Install FM WA APK

Some readers of this article may still not understand the steps on how to install this FMWhatsApp APK application. Well, that’s why we made a tutorial that you can follow as below.

  1. After you have successfully downloaded FM WA APK on the link provided above
  2. Then you can directly install it by first activating unknown sources through the Settings menu >> Security >> Check Unknown Sources
  3. If you have, please install it and wait a while until the installation process is complete


That’s what we can share regarding FM WhatsApp APK. Please download and install FM WA APK on the link we have provided in this article. By using FM WA APK you can use several other important features in this modified version of WhatsApp. thank you