Different Countries Face App

Face Applications of Various Countries – By using the application you can now have fun by changing your face like faces from various countries in other parts of the world. But this is just for fun, guys, as one of the entertainment media to share on your favorite social media platforms like on tiktok, instagram, facebook, and others.

By using an application to change faces such as race or ethnicity from various other countries, you don’t need to be good at editing in professional photo or video editing applications. Because by using facial applications from various countries, you only need to upload your photo after that wait a while and your face will change like races in other parts of the world.

There are many applications to change the face of various countries that you can do on your android device. But on this occasion we recommend for those of you who want to change your face photos to be like faces from several other countries by using a bot on Telegram called Pix2Mix. Now for those of you who are curious about how to change the face of various countries. Read more below.

What is the Face Application of Various Countries?

Is an application that is used to change the face as in various other countries such as races from China, India, Africa, Europe, and others. The application that we mean or recommend for you is to use a bot filter on Telegram called Pix2Mix.

By using the Pix2Mix bot, changing your face photos like Indian, Chinese, African, or European people can be done easily and quickly. You just need to upload the photo you want to change to the Pix2Mix telegram bot and wait a few seconds after that your face photo will change like the face of other countries.

How to Change Face Photos from Different Countries

As we said above, changing your face photo like the face of various races in other parts of the world can be done easily with the help of a telegram bot called Pix2Mix. The way this telegram bot works is quite easy, you just need to visit the Pix2Mix telegram bot account after that you upload the photo you want to edit.

Now for more details on how to change the face of various countries using the Pix2Mix telegram bot. Please see the steps as follows.

1. Open the Telegram application on your cellphone

2. Select the search feature in telegram and type Pix2Mix

3. Open the Pix2Mix telegram bot account then click Start

4. Upload your photo which you want to edit

5. Choose face filters from different countries

6. Next select the filter strength and wait a while

7. Now the edited photos of your face from various countries have been successful and please download and share them to your social media accounts.


That’s the information we can share on this occasion regarding Face Applications from Various Countries and how to change facial photos from other countries. Hopefully what we have shared in this article can be useful. thank you