The tail vein is easier to see in non-pigmented mice. The female usually eats the placenta. Drugs can be administered in water, in jello, as oral drops, by gavage or injected. Pox lesions mousepox appear on the skin. In neonatal males the testis may be visible through the abdominal wall.

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Once the desired position is attained, inject the material and withdraw the mouss. Create an Account or Subscribe Now. Blood collection An adult mouse has a circulating blood volume of about 1.

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a-35b Warm the tail by immersing it in warm water or placing the animal under a heat lamp. It causes a slowly progressive chronic pneumonia with weight loss and eventually death in a large number of immunocompromised animals.

A small nick can also be made at side of the tail 0. After collecting the blood withdraw the tube and apply pressure on the closed eyelids to stop any bleeding.

The mouse has short hair, a long naked tail, rounded erect ears, protruding eyes, a pointed snout and five toes on each foot. Some important mouse diseases are discussed below to draw attention to the need to adhere to practices recommended by the veterinary staff to avoid these diseases.

Maternal antibody is transferred to the fetus in utero and to the newborn via colostrum. The female usually eats the placenta. Do not pull the skin too tightly as the mice can choke, too loose a hold will allow the mouse to turn its head and bite.


Mouse hepatitis virus causes a wasting disease and high mortality in immunocompromised animals. It is good practice to use a new needle each time you perform an injection.

Wireless Mouse-SATE

Transect the vessels and allow blood to pool into the pocket created by tenting the skin. The ophthalmic branch of -a35g trigeminal ganglion supplies sensory nerves to the cornea.

Feed may be pelleted or powdered. Vena cava and abdominal aorta Blood can be obtained from the posterior vena cava or abdominal aorta in a deeply mouwe mouse following laparotomy.

Procedures performed on the animal should be clearly indicated.

Stretching and hindleg extension are usually signs of impeding birth. Secretions from the gland contain varying amounts of reddish-brown porphyrin pigment depending on the physiologic state, age, strain and sex moues the mouse.

AOpen O 35G – mouse – PS/2 – blue, silver Overview – CNET

You must be signed into an individual account to use this feature. This volume may be repeated after weeks. Restrain the mouse with the head and body extended as straight as possible to facilitate introduction of the gavage needle. Ectromelia causes high mortality and drastic measures including depopulation are usually taken to eliminate the disease. Molars are permanently rooted while the incisors have an open root and grow continuously.


Females will build a nest prior to parturition if opportunity is provided.

AOpen O 35G – mouse Series

The mouse should be restrained in a device for the collection. In such situations cages are changed once every weeks. There are changes in the immune responses of affected animals.

Furthermore the practice of transplanting tumor material into mice provides a portal where these agents can be introduced into animal, especially if the tumors are not screened for adventitious infectious agents. Remove excess blood with gauze. This system can be used to apply agents such as nerve growth factors, analgesics, or gene vectors mmouse the cell bodies corresponding to the nerves providing sensation of the cornea.

Intraperitoneal injections Intraperitoneal mousse are usually made in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen. In very rare instances mice are housed on wire floors.

This hold allows you to examine the under belly and perform other procedures.