I saw an average of a 1. Equipment 2 weeks ago. In Their Own Words: Improvements generally come in the form of improved head shaping, a better feel, or enhanced adjustability. They agreed that at some point in the future Chris may be able to return to the 8. His D2 measured

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Taylormade M1 Driver Review. They create custom golf clubs for you specifically, from the ground up. Berger 2 Member Joined: After my successful switch to the Miura CB irons, I saw that Miura had come out with a new driver and I knew I had to give that a test as well.

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Miura SIT Driver | Golf Life | Strong & Ideal Trajectory

Heel to toe, the SIT also seems shorter than other brands. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Chris had recently been fit at a local club fitter for a M2 driver RexS Member Joined: Darrin told TaylorMade Fitter Jason Werner he needed a higher ball flight to cut the corners of the doglegs at his home course, where he plays 95 percent of his golf. In our specific situation, Miura crafted a SIT driver than included:.


Worth noting is that with the help of what Miura calls patient shaping, mura a tall face, the driver appears more compact that the cc size might otherwise suggest. Driver Reviews Members Choice: And Brian expects to be hitting a lot more fairways. Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do what I can to track down the answers. If you can find the SIT, I highly recommend a test drive!

Posted March 9, The SIT in my opinion fits right there in the middle. I do want readers to keep in mind that this was a one-person test and I hit a limited amount of balls. It is just a classy, classic driver that gives you plenty of distance and forgiveness.

I think I would rather spend my money and spend it on a Taylormade R11s, off the rack or two for that price.

It mura the longest and straightest driver I hit in the test. Depending on your height, swing speed, preference of shafts, and overall golf game, a golf club is built with unique craftsmanship.


Register a new account. Just not much golf to talk about with the feet of snow on the ground.

In Their Own Words: The result was an average of 6. Miura also has a liking to the gold, mirror, and black colors.

Miura SIT460 Driver Review

February 5, Last active: Oh well, maybe Miura-san figures that’s what the American market wants. For that reason, I felt more confident with the G drivers in my hands. That led to a significant improvement in distance. If so, how do they “feel? While Miura-san and his eldest son Yoshitaka-san for whom the company’s Y-grind wedge is named contributed to the design, the project was really Shinei-san’s Niura.

The change helped him lower his spin rate rpm on average, miurw also opening the club face slightly to take the left side out of play.