Wednesday, April 15, , Please refer to Using with Visual Basic. NET platform, and the Visual Basic. Does your driver support it? There is no limit in MemAcccess Library, so the maximum only depends on the available resource of your system.

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Does your library support these functions? Saturday, March 22, If you are a registered user, please go to update page to download the upgrade version. Does MemAccess Library support bit Windows?

MemAccess Library get “Safe to Install” award. ToString ; You will get two errors: Because no other files are updated, we don’t change the version memacceds.

NET program uses a complete new Font object, so you need change your code as followings.

For most users, maPeekB is easier to use. You can download this sample from here.

Zeal SoftStudio Blog – MemAccess Library get “Safe to Install” award

NET and C Builder samples are included. ToString ; You will get two errors: MemAccess Library does not contain any spyware, trojans or viruses and it is considered to be “Safe To Install”.


We removed Wise Installation System 8. Saturday, February 16, Does MemAccess Library support Microsoft. I need to migrate my product to. We only change the data type of port addresses, not other libgary, to keep backwards compatible.

Saturday, February 16, We need change them from short to ushort. Download update version of evaluation version from here.

MemAccess Library – PEEK and POKE memory

Wednesday, February 13, With the straightforward user interface, you can easily to change a hotkey or find an unused hotkey. Make a ListBox display a different tooltip for each item. Error 1 The best overloaded method match for ‘NTPort. Does your driver support it?

This bug doesn’t exist in registered version and upgrade version. CheckListBox ActiveX can’t be registered. Please read Distribution Notes in help document for details.

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Login or create an account to post a review. Wednesday, April 15, This bug doesn’t exist in registered version and upgrade version. NTPort Library works under Windows 7 x64 version.


Shortcuts Map will help you to manage hotkeys assigned to shortcuts on the desktop or in the Start menu hierarchy. Which one is better?

In our evaluation version, sometimes setup program will install x64 edition of chklsb But only bit applications can call ntport.