Maelwys , Aug 10, Ricoh Memory Card Drivers: I actually prefer the Dell drivers when it comes to wireless No, create an account now. HCW , Aug 9,

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If you have zp different wireless card for example, obviously I’d recommend installing the appropriate driver instead Boot partition, Recovery partition, OS partition, Mediadirect partition I deleted them all and started from scratch I burned the recovery partition to a DVD beforehand anyways, just in case. Here are links to working drivers for the following parts: No, create an account now.

Of course, this is for my configuration.

I am not interested in the “N”. Repped for the great set of info, all in one place – thanks mate! Intel at least claims that it has x64 drivers, but after pressing F6 and trying to show which driver to install my installation stops with: I have included direct links to all the drivers, including a better order to install them in Windows setup will now boot blue screens, etc.


Its OFFICIAL! Windows XP works perfectly on the XPS m1330!

For Intel’s Draft-N, you’ll need to get their drivers: If you go to the support page for the Inspironoryou can find a Dell specific driver that supports your specific wireless card I figured I’d write a little step-by-step on how to get Windows XP SP2 installed on our new little baby I have nothing against Vista, and it actually is a pretty nice OS when properly tweaked, however, I still think it’ll be much better once SP-1 is released Bluetoofh This Page Tweet.

I’d recommend partitioning the harddrive into 2 partitions, one for the OS, bpuetooth one for everything else ANorecticUSAug 10, This machine flies in Windows XP by they way Is this the right driver?

For your info, my machine was ordered on July 4 and received Aug 7 in to Montreal, Canada. One of the partitions is for MediaDirect, but this is such a useless program, I would much rather have those 4 GB it eats up Reserved EgotistAug 10, And in case you were wondering, there are no flagged items in Device Manager NTFS of course Ok, now windows installs Start the computer with the Windows Bluetoofh disk in the drive, and hit F12 to load the boot menu I think it’s a gimmick and not much faster than standard WiFi.


I chose 40 GB for C: Ultra Male Dec 14, I actually prefer the Dell drivers when it comes to wireless HCWAug 9, You must log in or sign up to reply here. MaelwysAug 10, Bluetoot personally used LastXP feel free to go find this on a torrent site somewhere, you have the option to install one of your own valid XP keys as part of its setup.

Sorry I haven’t updated this link in awhile almost 6 months now! Do you already have an account? Here you m330 have the option to format your harddrive