Although we haven’t done many measurements with Iperf 2. It is distributed as a tarball and from mercurial source code repositories. The same general idea applies to upstream Xen and other distros, but the steps required are probably slightly different. The following sub-sections provide more information about how to use some of the more common network performance tools. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. These bugfixes can also be found from the 2. Fixes some device drivers.

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It allows you to easily access all the partitions inside an image file or inside LVM volume. We created an open-source repository for various tools that can help with performance analysis: Some aspects of the kernel configuration have den-netback.

This will eliminate dom0 as a bottleneck. Pvgrub is executed in the Xen PV guest, so there are no such security issues with it.

XenParavirtOps – Xen

This should make the console work and login prompt appear on the ” xl console ” session. Y interfaces are created by the xen-netback backend xfn-netback in dom0 kernel.

Fixes some device drivers. And then in the HVM guest grub. While irqbalance does the job in most situations, manual IRQ balancing can prove better in some situations.


Network Throughput and Performance Guide – Xen

It works with 3. Support more than GB in a PV guest. At the moment, it is not easy to determine what netback a netfront is linked to this can, for example, be done by sending some traffic over netfront and observing which netback is being used by looking at top in the control domain.

The frontend driver xen-netfront runs in the kernel of each VM. Set xen-netbacm the connections you will use inside the user domains to use MTU Currently unoptimized, optimizations will be added in later kernel versions. Personal tools Create account Log in.

See errors from the Radeon Nouveau driver? Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

Driver Domain

In order to get a proper Xen mainline kernel please check: Is there a particular VM that is taking up a lot of resources? This list contains the most frequently asked questions.

Retrieved from ” https: Yes, please see the Remus wiki page for more information. All device backend in dom0 will result dom0 to have bad response latency. The main thing to implement is to make sure that on driver termination, rather than freeing granted pages back into the kernel heap, they should be added to a list; that list is polled by a kernel thread which periodically tries to ungrant the pages and return them to the kernel heap if successful.


Xen Common Problems

The feature only applies to Windows VMs. See above for tips about that. Seems done – refer to pvops microcode update page.

There’s a separate block device for each partition. See the Dom0 Kernels for Xen wiki page. You can also use other tools minicom, screen, etc in dom0 to access the VM console pty device directly. See the Xen Kernel Feature Matrix wiki page. There’s quite a bit of patches which likely are no longer needed due to a proper replacement already being upstream or because they are no longer applicable, identifying this also needs to be done.

This page contains answers to some common problems and questions about Xen. A convenient way to search for the line s above is by running the following command in the control domain just before re- starting the VM s: