But it was in keeping with the cheap programmer. Of course you have to have an AVR programmer to program it. I was not aware of the shift key usage. Now your USBasp is ready for use. I am new to the Arduino environment.

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Digging around in the ribbon cable box I came across a pin connector with a suitable length of ribbon cable already attached.

With those boards, they will no longer work when upgraded with the stock firmware. The benefit to uploading over serial is that typically in the Arduino world serial prints are used for debug output. The easy way technolovy to connect device to an usb port when running vista 64 os, then install driver anyway, ignoring that have no signature, from disk the ones you download as explained beforethen triangle appears technoligy device management.

James November 19, 1: Thanks… Can I technollgy your mail id?? Much of the payoff was that I could finally put the scope back in its box and put it away. The USBasp device reports “The device is working properly. September 13, at So you need a programmer no matter what.


The downside to uploading over serial is it requires the bootloader.

Cheap USBASP knockoff programmer | Jim’s Projects

You are saving me hours of time and technolog. Also, every time you do a Burn Bootloader it erases the sketch you have uploaded to the board. He provided source and strongly recommended recompiling both the USBASP and avrdude code more trouble than I was technologh to takebut provided binaries for both with warnings. Although the top silkscreen said the same thing, the actual board layout was at least slightly different: It was my fault: This fill will be located in: Clock Selection Fuse Bits Configuration 5.

Robert Norris verified owner — March 30, Great little device, and the price is right! Great service, great products, great products.

Cheap USBASP knockoff programmer

Your email address will not be published. I was not aware of the shift key usage. The system cannot find the file specified.

Pin 10 from the head seems to go to JP2, but there’s no evidence from the pin 29 on the atmega8. But on closer inspection, that ribbon only had 9 wires — pin 10 was empty.


April 1, at 5: Just that, so someone please fix that thing.

Interestingly, you program it over the same connection that it uses to program its target chips. I now have libusbK drivers.

USBasp – USB programmer for Atmel AVR controllers

In terms of disabling auto reset. Unfortunately, the first time I tried to use it with avrdude, I got this error warning:.

I modify the USBasp makefile so I can use the built in rules like “flash” to program the part.

I recompiled and used the shift key to upload. Then login and go to device management: You will also want to fix your udev entry for ISP device and your group permissions so you don’t need to use sudo to talk to ports.