The group is created which took like 36 hours , active, and available. Okay, out of what seemed to be a whim, i went into the HD boot order and moved my raptor from the top to the bottom spot 1 to spot 4. When it isn’t, before the windows loading scree, I get a blue screened error code, but the computer reboots almost instantaneously. Oct 17, 5. I did this the morning I was building her and never really looked at it again until now, but still missed it! MSI sent a CD with drivers as well OK, the fun begins ie:

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Can these be setup and used for single drives, or are they RAID only? Just out of interest then the 1st hd is the ide??

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Appreciate your suggestions and input. Moving into windows if everything seems to detect alright, sometimes the GB drive seems to function perfectly well, and for as long as my system stays up. If I could see the blue screen maybe it’d provide some insight into.

It hangs as it is trying to “save settings”. WDC raptor not sure on the exact order, but the raptor has been moved to 4 and now boots properly without the windows XP CD.


You don’t have to use RAID. Also, is the 80GB drive is for the system install? Hi fafner gb ide drive is boot – os is on wd booting is not know an issue.

This brings me to another work around i have been using, which seems odd, but worked so i was forced to. I did load all the drivers form the two diskettes via F6 for each of my builds. k8m

Hi mj, I was reading from your post that you were having 2fold issue 1 detection 2 flaky performance in xp. I should now be able to go into Disk Management, activate, partition, and format the drive for use Hence that should be first in boot order.

Set boot order to floppy, cd, Raptor and see if you have any problems detecting drives. OK, here’s the story.

MSI K8N Neo4-F – motherboard – ATX – Socket – nForce4 Overview – CNET

Sta times I’ll go to open some sort of media on the drive like videoand it will run rediculously slow, skipping and barely running. But I think you’ve done that already so I don’t have much else to contribute. Join the community hereit only takes a minute. I admit the manual is confusing, possibly bad translating. Sometimes when booting, the system will hang while detecting drives, and not detect my GB sata drive.


So more digging and research on web reveals that the problem isn’t the RAID controller either one of thembut the meo4 that 32 bit Windows won’t recognize a disk over 2TB. But I will try it.

MSI K8N Neo4-F – motherboard – ATX – Socket 939 – nForce4

Sep 23, 1. Thanks very much again. Okay, I’ve made both the optical and gig maxtor on their own seperate channels as masters. No, create an account now. I don’t understand or I am missing something. A number of things you might try: You are very welcome.

MSI K8N Neo4-F V (Socket )

Maybe that’s why I can’t OC this puppy worth sheet. OK, the fun begins ie: Disconnect the power from all the other drives.

Your two RAM modules are set up incorrectly. This problem at first seemed confined to the GB, but my last boot to windows was crawling and anything i opened didnt respond, as the OS is housed on the raptor.