Do you already have an account? Where do we go from here? This may indicate a drive ata1. There is any soution? The configuration screen only shows 1 drive Expected Results:

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Description Vince Radice Roberto IosupescuAtx 15, The fix for the problem your reported on the Linux side is in 2. I also want to thank you for the aha spent working on this problem. Comment 23 Vince Radice Where do we go from here?

Comment 17 Alan Cox Comment 19 Alan Cox Stephane BolognaOct 19, Some boards have a jumper for this, some actually require you flash new firmware to change it.

I have installed Fedora by plugging the hardware to allow the controller to access the hdd I want to use.

Then set 0x40 to A0F3 0x4C to 0x and 0x42 to 36, finally restore the latency timer to 0x20 Then changes in the detection code are subtle and buried deep in the libata core. Comment 18 Vince Radice I think that this is a problem with v7.


Download and install ITE Tech, Inc. ITE IT ATA/ATAPI Controller – driver id

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Stephane BolognaOct 12, itw There seem to be lots of free ports on these controllers, can you try putting the second drive as master on the second channel? Comment 16 Vince Radice Comment 22 Alan Cox The problem in that at restore, the HDD is not visible.

No, they tell me that soon, but now I work with them at a new update: This site requires JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly, please enable it. It is not recognizing the slave drive. I don’t tested for Linux partitions, but becouse the “core” of the program, probably work good. Comment 9 Vince Radice Version-Release number of selected component if applicable: Roberto IosupescuOct 8, Do you already have an account?

Download and install ITE Tech, Inc. ITE IT8211 ATA/ATAPI Controller driver

Your username or email address: We will provide you with the special ISO file and the instructions on how to use it. I updated the modprobe. Always Steps to Reproduce: I would like to help if possible. What is odd is that it seems to be behaving as if the slave device doesn’t exist at all. Comment 11 Vince Radice Apr 28, Posts: