Maybe that’s just in my little corner of the world but I am willing to bet that it isn’t. Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. Ping K15 vs Ping G15 differences? Several functions may not work. What is especially good about the new scoring model is that we get to see, statistically, the difference between the marketing claims and actual performance. I was surprised at how easy this club was to hit.

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I heard the K15 is basically replacing the G15 Draw and is weighted to draw. Great driver and so easy to hit straight.

Let our charts be your guide on this one. No, when I wrote this post yesterday I had not hit them.

ULTIMATE REVIEW! – Ping K15 Driver

Slicers, this is our cure! Mind you R11s was not hosel adjusted and was stock neutral. Anyone been lucky enough to hit one yet? He went onto say that it was a great product for ths game-improver, and he also awarded it full marks in the feel and sound categories.

Ping V2 vs G15 Draw vs K15 vs G20 for draw bias

My overall ssessment of the K15 line up is that it is an ideal club super GI club. Oh and love the new testing model. However, the speed of your testers is very much skewed to higher speeds. I can feel the flow of the club… Really great feeling! So how did these engineers design a club head to suit a bad swing?


I bet that thing will help a slicer. They are very long, easy to hit. As Ken says hold it lightly,easy swing dont force it.

Tony Hallas 7 years ago. The K irons are a cross between G and Thw V2, with the option to replace 5 and 6 irons with hybrid irons at no additional charge. If possible, it would be great if you had a group that better represented the full speed range and the large majority of players.

Ping K15 vs Ping G15 — differences?

I usually hit — yard drives with a slight fade. Compared to the G15 and V2, I probably hit this club about 5 yds shorter, but very straight when I swung with a smooth swing. E6 ball will help as well.

There is this driver with about 7 degrees of offset that THP reviewed a few years ago. No driver will eliminate all of your fade.

On the high end, Blake, posted a consistency score of I wanted to buy it on the spot but I just purchased an R15 at that time. Deaw for your feedback…it is greatly appreciated. I tried at least balls and it showed only mph club speed but I was hitting them straight or very slight fade with yds. Most Golfers who I’d want to fit for K15 Clubs or V2 Clubs won’t dream of paying the price that comes with the ultra forgiveness.


Ping K15 Driver Review – Golfalot

Ti iron faces still haven’t caught on all that much. Visually, the face appears, to me anyway, to have less roll as well, but there very well may be no actual basis in reality for that observation. Considering the average golfer fights a slice much more than a hook, this is not an insignificant observation. It you hit it right it went straight and long.

I guess these will sell to a certain market segment but the shape of the head TM Superfast clone and the 6 degrees OK, slight sarcasm closed face is not a great combination for me.

The big advantage here drad that you can swing harder and still turn your hands over, and thereby get distance you have never had before. You currently have javascript disabled.