It describes itself this way: I have “Applications” and “Places” to the left, and a drop down on the right, including “System Settings”. Go talk to one of them, tell him you’ll buy him a couple of beers if he sorts the setup out for you. How can I make dual monitors work? Do you think the docking station could have GPU?

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I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to buy some more stuff, but if anyone else has ideas, Inetl all ears. Click on a monitor in the diagram to get the blue highlight and change settings for that monitor. Given the info you posted, it looks like you have the Mobile 4 and the link I provided is to that.

برامج تشغيل الرسوميات لأطقم الشرائح Intel® Q35 Express

So I recommend getting steps 3 through 5 above the intell you want them before opening any programs and messing about. Forget the Xorg -configure step. Don’t know if there is support.

Each can have a different refresh rate, color depth, and resolution for optimum display on each device. Dual-Pipe Panning allows a high-resolution display on a larger screen, while viewing a zoomed-in version on a smaller screen.

Applications behave differently in a multidisplay configuration depending on their implementation:. The VGA splitter is plugged in, and I don’t know what the others are. For whatever reason, it does not detect both monitors in the display options. It probably won’t just magically work right away.


Your computer has only one video output.

espress It might list the Intel drivers there and you can install them that way. There is also a bug with the screen rotate not set normally when X has fired up, resulting in that all menu bars and popups are displayed out side the screen.

I have “Applications” and “Places” to the left, and a drop down on the right, including “System Settings”. I don’t see an ubuntu logo at the top. Timings and resolutions for these two images can be different.

Install a second video card, but that has the chance to cause all sorts of problems if you’re doing anything that isn’t completely trivial.

I think the command: I thought it read as xrandr was a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions about Multiple Displays for Older Intel® Graphics Products

Another thing you can try is to click on hardware drivers. So you’d see the same output on each monitor. Figure 3 Figure 3: Intel Dual Display Clone is beneficial when using displays of various types and cbipset.

These products have several ports for its two pipes and supports xhipset to two images on different displays. I assume you will need to do the same with the Intel.


[SOLVED] Having 2 monitors [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Thanks for all the help though! I’m going to Display properties in XP and both monitors are showing up in the drop-down menu. I bought a VGA splitter, plugged both monitors in and so far haven’t been able to get past the step where both monitors show the same thing. Intel Dual Display Clone is inttel to drive multiple displays with the same content.

Frequently Asked Questions about Multiple Displays for Older Intel®

You’ll need a second video card. This action does not affect the view on the larger screen, which stays the same regardless of the activity of the smaller panned screen. Which one is mine? I tried with only default screen, worked fine. Your computer may or may not be able to support dual monitors “as-is.