Do not attempt to disassemble your wireless device or its accessories. After copying it, uninstall the Huawei Mobile Connect Dialer application since we copied the required drivers folder. Then, y Click on to import the contacts information from the left of the arrow to the right of it. HUAWEI 65 17 Warnings and Precautions y y y y y y y y Do not put your wireless device in containers with strong magnetic field, such as the induction cooker and microwave oven. New messages Displays the number of new messages in real time.

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It may affect the performance of these devices. You should never rely solely on the wireless device for essential communications.

New messages Displays the number of new uhawei in real time.

If you failed to do that after three times, your UIM card would be locked. When starting, check unread message When the program starts, it will check the unread messages in the UIM card and the data card.

There are three means to update the drivers. After a prompt appears indicating that the connection is set up, click on or start the Explorer on your computer, and then you can access the Internet. Seems like I would ec3221 needing it very much. If this happens, please contact your huxwei operator. When the ring for an incoming call sounds, you can press the control key to answer the call; Ef321 the ring for an incoming call sounds, you can press and hold the control key to reject it; During a call, you can press and hold the control key to end the call.


Do not subject your wireless device to serious collision or shock, or it may bring about malfunctions. Can you provide your email address?

If you cancel the sending, the message will be saved automatically to the Outbox. Thanks a lot again for this post.

However, you can install the dialer on the Win 7 RTM and it works like a charm.

Huawei EC321 Data Card Unlocking via Firmware Update

Forwarding Messages In the Outbox, you can hawei the messages that have already been sent out. When it is linked, then your job is finished. When you have any missed call, the amount of missed calls is displayed in real time under the status information on the main screen. When a prompt for hibernate appears here, it indicates the data service is in hibernate status, and you can answer and make calls.

Indicator status Meaning One flash every two seconds The EC is searching for a network, or no network is currently available. Step 52 Operation and description 1 Select one or more items. Huawei USB Driver is a considerable part to get a great many android apparatus which lets you easily join any android device or tablet during the personal computer or notebook.

Then, install the EC hardware driver by following the guide for hardware installation. And guys feel free to contact me at harrandfriends gmail.

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The amount of all the unread messages is displayed under the status information in the main screen in real time, if any such message exists. Please make sure that the EC Manager has been installed before the EC card is inserted into the computer.


Probably you have inserted the data card before the completion of installing the EC management software. Do not be worried if it strikes mistakes. Sending Messages The EC allows you to select numbers from the contacts and send messages.

The maximum length of each message is characters. For more information, please refer to the descriptions uuawei page If you use the Low-speed Data Service Access to access the internet, please consult the network operator for all the information to be inputted.

Huawei EC321 Firmware Download :- 3G Modem(Netsetter) Dashboard

Only qualified personnel may service or repair the wireless device. When the function is enabled and you are sending a message, the network will send a message to inform you that the receiver has got the message you have sent. Emergency Call You can use your wireless device for emergency calls. The SAR value is measured in a standard mode.