Bought this club in , still have it and still feels good when l hit the ball. I have a horrible slice on occasions with my 3-wood. Hold your position feet and ball, spine angle and have a friend give you your new Draw club. On the back nine, I improved by hitting four out of five fairways, and my only miss was once again within five yards of the short grass. The r7 Draw saw immediate action on the golf course. I have checked online but have not turned over the correct stone yet. Was I going to hit a fade?

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TaylorMade r7 Draw Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

I purchased an r7 draw The only draw back is that I have to leave the face open when I set up. I played an old TM Adjuxt offset which was great until I managed to correct my swing.

I have only taylorade 1 round and two trips to the range, but I already notice some improvement and i am actually starting to hit some small draws. TaylorMade opted to use the first two in the r7 Draw. After hitting the r7 Draw a few times, I adjusted to the closed club face quite well.

How to Set the Weights for an R7 460 Driver

All because my drives were long enough and in play. If not, you could very well clear a fence and hit cars ect. Straight and consistently in the yard range. After eight rounds I have not played one enjoyable round with this club.


One quality club is enough. Higher CoR promotes higher ball velocity and longer drives. I would suggest checking your ball position. The characteristics of the R7 Draw has got my attention, and I need some help. Trouble is we all get sucked in by taylomrade promising their year on year new drivers are an improvement on the last model.

How to Set the Weights for an R7 Driver | SportsRec

I just had to ajust my set up t6he ball not only goes straight but with more loft and distance then ever. It is a very forgiving club for a straight and consistent tee shot. The larger head may be distorting your preception of how close you are to the ball.

Conclusion The r7 Draw has two key slogans. Exercise Shape Created with Sketch. There is an R7 Draw for sale, but I was just wondering. I saw one additional comment of the same nature.

I have a 90 trial period, so will spend some more time seeing if I can improve my swing before the trial period runs out. The tzylormade day I took it out I went to the local course and flew yards to clear the far endge of a water hazard and ended up 15 yards short of the pin about total and just a little right off the tee.


Every shot was a slice and had hardly no air time. This driver gets the ball nice and high, although I wish I had a 7 deg. Switched to medium not stiff shaft that added about more yards.

I realy like the lightness of this club. I just have one question.

I chose the draw bias not to correct addjust slice but to create a draw. I originally contemplated changing my alignment to offset the club face, but I decided to keep things normal. You can purchase additional weights and wrench sets through either the TaylorMade website see Resources or leading golf-equipment dealers.

TaylorMade r7 Draw Driver Review

Great Club and Great Artical!! The banana slice is gone and the resulting re-direction of lost energy has added a lot of distance. Club manufacturers have taken the idea a step farther in recent years, designing clubheads with ports into which t can place weights. It certainly helps eliminate the right side of the golf course. They are a consistent driver count leader on the PGA Tour.