A really bad swing still gives a really bad result — only longer than the bad shots with the old model. Why do you prefer the red to the gold shaft. Having a slightly less closed face would certainly be a nice thing…. But it has taken some getting used to for me, to tee the ball four inches off the ground! Even with a rusty swing, this club launches the ball extremely straight, and puts on a lot of hang time.

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I think I want Shafts have a lot to do with spin. Giving a good hard swing at the 1st hole saw the ball slicing off. hibors

Cleveland HiBore Driver: Clubs | eBay

I now play the XLS 9. Light wear on the face and lx wear on the sole. There were many times when I would tee off with my 3 iron because I hihore I could hit it further than any of my woods. Very long, very straight and easy to hit. I opted for the lower loft to get similar results to the Launcher.

What shaft works well with this head! Every time I have hit the XL Pro it has produced a casual draw or a dead straight piercing ball flight that looks like it will never stop rolling when it comes down.


My drives would balloon with tremendous backspin and fall short. I am not sure that after a long day on the links I will be able to get the clubface hubore up at impact.

Cleveland Introduces Two New HiBore XL Drivers

Shows frequent to heavy use but does not show any signs of hiborf. In five minutes after discovering the problem, I almost eliminated my dreaded hook.

After that, I was sold. Shaft is a soft stiff and cycles I say this because a Carlo, You shoot 82 or you are 82 years old? I have discovered that it does what it does VERY well.

After a few swings on the range and a few holes yesterday, it has an impressive, high and long flight and the balls rolled out when they finally landed. Purchased an XL Hibore 9. Could not hit it to save my life. The face has enough vertical roll to it that you really affect the loft by hitting it higher or lower on the face.


Cleveland HiBore XL Driver

My question is should I go with gold or red shaft? I am used to the Adilla shaft in my previous drivers.

Flied until the ft red mark!!! Somehow you are creating more loft on your driver than you want.

Cleveland HiBore XL Driver

I hit the XL further and I’m hitting it pretty straight too for a change. Cleveland HiBore Driver Does anybody know if the non conforming I have the Cleveland launcher and need a heck more yards to catch up with these guys. I have to tell you after playing the XLS Tour in a Was the Cleveland the answer? The new Hibore XL is nearly as accurate and the distance problem is solved. Carried oneplugged in a wet fairway where it landed.

It has given me lots of confidence in my driving game. But, when you go for it, this gem has another gear waiting for you.