C9 – EU and at least 2 of the top 3 teams, tell me something new 3: G2 beat them in the eLeague final with demos, passes, solo plays and adapting game to game. Just get Deevo back up to speed and you have a dominant roster. Maybe a little bit more of a shuffle in these bottom teams could help them push for top 4. And the reason is that they really have next to zero tricks up their sleeve.

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We have yet to see C9 play a decent side, they’ve only played ghost, rogue and oos. The opinions of this idiot moderator do not represent the views of the subreddit staff as a whole.

They have, and they will do it again. G2 will finish as the second NA team yet again, surprising a lot of people after their mediocore league play. yfe

The two tournaments that G2 got d by GFE, they made it to the finals. I just see GFE as a small gap ahead of the rest of the top teams but i could see it happening g if they get knocked into the Lower early. I expected Cloud9 to regress coming into Season 5 but I think they’ve gotten better.

It may be harsh to say oce will get 9 and 10, but if anyone other than EG get 4th in NA, i could see chiefs doing a little better.

I take it you’re deluded, G2 got dicked by NRG, and you still think they’d beat the best team in the world? As for the 2 seed for OCE, they are developing as a scene more so then ever, but they still aren’t the same gce and as a result I don’t see them winning any matches but if they vs EG or a low tier team, I wouldn’t be too surprised if they win if they play bad, or at least take some games.


A lot of factors but going with EG. I think people still don’t understand the power of chiefs lqn, they would of beaten Cloud 9 last season, and had a run for 3rd place Which is what cloud 9 gfrif the matches were simply 10 seconds shorter- the score wasbut cloud 9 got really “lucky” considering lam chiefs played people are putting chiefs so low I assume due to just witnessing everyone just get better and better in all of the regions, but chiefs have been improving too.

Although they are very good at what they do, arguably the most solid team in terms of passing and defense.

The way to early, completely unreasonable LAN prediction thread. : RocketLeagueEsports

Also, jknaps has been playing bad recently. So yeah of course they’re going to look good against sides who are not top NA teams. But the more creative team may have the advantage unless they can adapt faster.

Thinking that one of the two between Vfe and GFE aren’t going to be in the top 2 is almost criminal. They’re due a bad moment. JKnaps didn’t show up and they got swept. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. My list is Champs: But if he pops off in week 4 you will hear about it.

LoL Stats, Record Replay, Database, Guide, MMR –

GFE has a history of giving upsets, so if G2 makes it to the finals, they will probably be playing their best, and will win. EG vs Rogue – Which Jacob will show up? Complexity, EG – top 4 are pretty set in stone imo, but I could always be wrong 4: I believe G2 to be much better than vitality.


All three players on a team need to be gf well to win against any top tier team. Every player is important, rizzo and kro need jknaps to play well just as much as jknaps needs rizzo and kronovi to play well. No good results in major events since then, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case again. These guys look like Flipside in season 2 minus the whole “Start off bad and work our way through the lower bracket” playstyle they had back in those days.

I’m sure they won’t let the same mistake happen again. Look back to Dreamhack, when they played Vitality formerly Mock-ItGFE had played half gffe many games, and Vitality just read each others intentions better because of that.

Also, Vitality are absolutely OP when Freakii is playing. Its gonna be a tough fight for sure. Well we’ll see how this season ends. Even though fairy peak!