Chemajik, the executable is dated Drivers for most capture cards: Here is my question, what then is the difference between the “cheap” cards and the expensive ones? Capturing raw or huffyuv. Generic Drivers for BT

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I had similar problem but not exactly same.

This is the exact same problem I had! Both work fine, although my TV card kinda garbles the frame order I dunno whose fault this is, prolly the cards Belgabor. Saved me buying a new video capture card, and it looks pretty good.

Chemajik, the executable is dated Thats how old the first 4. Copy’n’Paste from ejtagles eMail-reply Well, in fact, ther is a way to “disable” this feature If you have drivers properly installed for your card, they will look something like this.

Geo is very famous because of their marketing stratergy. You should now see a second drop down box “Video Source” that shows different camera inputs to choose from.

So if it works for you it’s nice, it doesn’t for me ; Regards, Koepi. I coded a small app that is capable of switching the mode of the driver. Drivers for most capture cards: As soon as I genneric the capture, it gets the horizontal lines.


You should have system to display CPU performance window at the same time, this will tell you whether it is bandwidth and CPU utlization problem or not. Just verified the problem too. I could kiss you! I was going to e-mail the btwincap author or post a bug report but never got around to it since I figured it might just be me.

What kinda worked was starting the amcap app which is in the utils zip on the btwincap drivers page, then starting DScaler which didnt work with a error about ‘overlay not available’shutting down dscaler, which kinda broke amcap to the point where i couldnt kill it off anymore on w2k!

I think I’ll do so now. How to apply color correction using the Gradie For the moment I am unable to do uninterrupted captures of several hours due to the random time jumps. I hope you find the time to have a look at that.

Generic Drivers for BT – VideoHelp Forum

I tested Dscaler 3. The btiwncap drivers does not work with my card. I’d have to conclude that nobody has this problem if you didn’t get a response as, like I said, I’ve seen some pretty bad posts still get responses and people here do want to help if they can. Hope it’s as simple as that. BrookTree BThow to tune tv? Before I forget to mention, this just wrks for win2k – I can’t find the registry settings in win9x. I put a couple of clips up genfric your perusal.


TV Cards and Capture Devices Supported

With it off, it worked fine in that there was no interference. Try driver updates, though. The time now is I believe this is Trevlac’s link you are talking about BrookTree BThow to tune tv? Still, you shouldn’t be so quick to judge me as a person idiot who doesn’t take the time to lurk before posting.