Page 56 LocalizationAllows you to change the language in which the web page will be displayed. Power consumption voice usage. This bearer capability can be voice, fax or circuit-switched data. To ensure good protection against electrical dischargesand the best audio quality, proper grounding of the power supplyis strongly recommended. ISP who provides you with the user name, password and installation information in order to establish an Internet connection. If your operator requires certain Internet account information whenyou do a dial up, you have to complete all the relevant informationon the displayed Internet Account Information screen. To Change Your Pin

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Specify the area or city code as well as the number you need to dial when you access an outside line, if it is required.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Type in PIN1 new value confirmed.

Ericsson G32 User Manual

Insert the correct PIN. To do this, press R4 Fixed Wireless Terminal: Monto de la oferta actual. If the Power LED is off, there is a problem with the powersupply. With the Welcome to the Internet Connection Wizard screen displayed, select the most appropriate option fwtt click on the Nextbutton.


Outdoor Directional Antenna Please refer to the topic Accessories documented on page 68 for more detailed information, Fixed Wireless Terminal: Up to 20 character-numbers can be programmed.

With the Phone Number to Dial screen displayed, type the phonenumber you will use during the dial up process in the Phone numberfield.


Fixed Wireless Terminal Also See for G32 User wricsson – 48 pages. If you encounter problems, contact your distributor or networkoperator. Page 26 To managerestrictions of calls The position must always consist of two digits.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. With the Internet Connection screen displayed, select the Connectdialusing a dial- up modem option and click on the Next button. When a battery is not installed or is connected to a terminalthat is switched off, it should be recharged during 24 hours every 6months.

Page 47 Internet option and click on the Next button. Embedded modem available over the USB port. Please refer to the topic Enter PIN on page Page 6 Fixed Wireless TerminalProduct DescriptionThe FWT is a flexible and cost-effective solution for connection to thewireless GSM network when there is no fixed line infrastructure or if youneed additional telephone lines.


FCT FWT Fixed wireless cellular terminal for PBX GSM SIM Phone Line. ERICSSON | eBay

Please, follow theinstructions below for complete wall installation. Check that your computer has the standard modem installed, if notadd one by following the steps described in PC Data Configurationson page Page 40 Connect to the Internet option and click on the Next button Connect to the Internet Connect to the Internet connection manually option and click on the Next button.

Also visit us on http: Advanced Features With function CopyrightNo part of this document may be reproduced without the written permission of the copyright owner. Pc Data Configurations Page 15 Now the FWT is ready for connecting devices and making calls. Then click on the Submit button.

Please, contactyour network operator for information on different network services operational in your GSM network. Now the FWT is ready for connecting devices and making calls.