He said he didn’t want me to call them anymore because I was inconvenienced enough, he wanted to fix the problem. I hope others who got their replcements early will tell us how they are working out – Anonymous. I just called today after finding this thread. After a quick Google search I placed an order with inkjets at half the price of Epson. It does not work with the new machines.

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I have a new cx on its way! If this new printer doesn’t work, arson is back on the menu! All of these features are similar to those in the CX, though with a more limited range.

The other option was to send me return labels, so I can return it for free reapairs, but they will keep it for 4 weeks. If you are planning to pull it off and put into a bottle,there is where it is.

Epson Stylus CX Specs – CNET

One was replaced by a color printer. Most people are not aware about supposed technicians fixing your printer. I loved that printer.

Can someone that received an upgrade verify this? Days ago, after I printed two full-page color maps the only color printing I’ve ever done on itthe printer started telling me that it’s out of color ink. Yea, Priter thoguht Durabrite ink was a great idea and so was an All-in-one. With a free printer on the way, I decided to try to clean the unit myself Adding to the list of many, my Epson CX is printing blank pages.


I called customer service and they told me they would charge, otherwise it’s free to email. I followed the directions above and the rep wanted to charge me 9. Thank you in advance.

If i can help i will. I thought I was crazy since all the troubleshooting does not work! I also had this problem. I’m also having some trouble with this printer What I did was cx4600 route the tubing out the back of the printer into a little plastic bottle.

Before this printer, I would print something and never wonder if it would work, I just expected it to. But it gets even better. Anyone “out there” willing to “part with a CX” that is printing blank pages really cheap.

As a last ditch attempt I tried to fix the problem before buying a non Epson replacement. Their early printers were nice, but these days, all they do is bait-and-switch. Sure it can have problems, and yes it is going to eventually be replaced by a newer and better model The article I read said to fill this tray and sponge area with windex and let sit cc4600 an hour, and this would disolve the congealed ink. printee


Or for jsut about anything for that matter?? Printed 11 pages perfectly today, then one by one the colors stopped printing – except for blue the kids all look like Martians! Oh thank cx400 Rep: Off it went and yesterday When it first crapped out, I tried having the printer clean the heads numerous times, with no positive results.

Epson CX4600

Printer utility said, “Parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life. So, maybe if this tube can breathe the printer works better. I explained to them how I’m not feeling very loyal at the moment and I don’t want the same printer with it’s future problems, so I certainly don’t want another Epson product that I have to remember to turn off when not in use or print color and black test pages once a week.