They have also other limitations: You’ll need to delete these lines or customise them for your own system. BAT configuration to boot from a floppy. The weird thing was, if I stepped through loading the drivers one by one on the way to the CLI, as you can do in diagnostic mode when booting, it worked? Possible reasons for transfer errors include:

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There are various open bugs the author is usn of, and should be fixed in next version: It means you can plug and remove flashdisks without restarting, you can manipulate with content of the flash disk even on another computer and plug it back. If it seems persistent, following reasons are possible:.

USB 1 can transfer by speed of 1. Possible reasons for transfer errors include: Workarounds worth to try:.

How to add USB flash drive capability to MS-DOS and Windows 98

Except USB disks there are many of other devices supported but most of the modules serve more like programming examples about how to work with DOSUSB rather than being finished dox drivers. Author reportedly is working on USB 3 support now, stay tuned or contact him if interested in beta testing.


BAT configuration to boot from a floppy. Can be booted from floppy or CD.

Project site and download: Of course a slow hard disk used as source or destination for copying will also ruin the performance. Unplugging the device may terminate a driver deadloop, or not. It’s actually got three operating systems on call: You can even try to mix them with counterparts by Panasonic. Don’t simply replace your content with mine without considering this.

Dr-DOS Wiki | Main / USB in DOS

Besides the source code you can find a great manual and programming info about USB. Currently last update —01—30 they support only USB 1. SYS is just and outdated rebrand of usbaspi.

It works only in USB 1 mode. Any issues not working for your USB device may be reported to the developer and maybe he can provide an improved version.


After plugging you simply load it again from the command line. ZIP has the lowlevel set aspiohciaspiuhci and aspiehci and the highlevel part guest.

Historical pre-release news from —11— They have also other limitations: You’ll need to reboot and select it from the menu. The type of partitions recognised will depend on the OS being used. There used to be the Motto Asip diver included but now you have to download it separately: It goes without saying that the required USB hardware needs to be present on the computer in question.


The drivers work in the background and are able to handle more than one USB device at the same time.

Useful Dos Files

SYS itself is English. In some cases, a transfer performance much worse than expected can be observed. Developed by Panasonic in …, latest awpi seems to be 2.

If these two files already exist on your machine, then they are likely to contain content that needs to be included along with the above. SYS present on the disk and remove the pathways which point to the files. Nice… I have had that same problem accessing anything ussb http: Here’s the code needed in the various system files: