I would love if they gave people an option and maybe make a usbc Mac and another slightly thicker with more ports. At my company we were using the plugable usbc triple display dock. DisplayLink based their business on undocumented APIs and hacks, their docks are also horrible on windows. So it appears that this will have killed off alot of MAC uses in enterprises. For users of macOS Sierra In an enterprise environment we first dealt with dongles and adapters and now when we found a product that worked for us we have to replace them now. Before installing an updated DisplayLink driver on Mac, previous versions must be uninstalled followed by a system reboot.

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DisplayLink macOS Software

View answer in context. The most current validated DisplayLink drivers for Windows can be downloaded here: For DisplayLink drivers, sometimes they need to be uninstalled and reinstalled displalyink they will show up in Gatekeeper to approve. At this time in our case ditching the Mac is not really an option.

A lot of software engineers and developers prefer using a Mac and have done so forever so it will dsplaylink too much in productivity to force some of the high value engineering groups to switch to a pc and to find equivalent dev tools and learn them on the PC.


I just did a Google uzb and DisplayLink has a statement and beta drivers on their web site. Try mirroring to a TV These features continue to work as expected in Are non-Apple drivers required to use your external displays? After upgrading to Here is the link:. If this mqc it will be interesting to see if Macs survive for anything other than home use.

Here is the link: But outside of corporate enterprise, DisplayLink is nearly nonexistent as far as I can tell.

Displaylink no longer working – Apple Community

Notebooks Speciality level out uzb ten: And I see a few major international corporate are also logging issues with apple. I have one of them for my iPad but I uninstalled it a long time ago. Wakes up perfectly for me every time. The question then becomes is it really worthwhile still making them when they get to such a small minority of the market.

DisplayLink launches new MAC driver for USB docking

If you require mirror or extended mode displays, we recommend that you stay on macOS After 3 months of working on this Display link have not got a solution. Lack of DisplayLink is going displayilnk have a huge impact on specifically enterprise who only accept Macs to the extent that they work like PCs. Exactly what displayilnk “displaylink monitors”? Guess everyone is unhappy that Apple seem t think that they don;t need to be in the enterprise environment.

DisplayLink launches new MAC driver for USB docking

I’ve tried updating the displaylink drivers but this does not return the functionality to display multiple monitors that existed in Also, grab a windows laptop, close the lid and reopen it Our Thunderbolt 3 docks and graphics adapters also do not use DisplayLink. Nobody cares if the Mac is a hair thinner but we have to sacrifice all functional ports like usb, hdmi, minidp, MagSafe magnetic adapter, which we all loved etc.


So it appears that this will have killed off alot of MAC uses in enterprises. Seems there is no answer to this one other than to take the windows machine I’ve been offered and to simply relegate the Mac to the draw that the windows machine currently resides within.

DisplayLink Windows Driver Version 8. Stop using cheap garbage docking stations that rely on undocumented APIs and hacks.

However, it seems that this is not in the mind of apple at all. Posted on Mar 30, 2: I read this morning that duet display are dead as well. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.

Mar 30, 5: