Today in the morning I turn on the Thinkpad and voila! Yes, you can do that. I tried to replace it with Atheros chip, it is not allowing. Keyboard is intact with no missing keys but i If the Wi-Fi card is made by Intel, you can download this driver form intel. I try to replace with a good wifi card, but not better. Gateway did not install one on the laptop.

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Jamison March 29, I think if you are using a wm3bbg wireless card, the gb driver from Intel site should work. Pulled from Dell Latitude C Any help would be appreiciated. Please give 8c40 some time to think.

Dell Latitude C | eBay

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Take a look inside your desktop and find out if you have any PCI slots available.

As you know, without correct driver it will not be recognized by the operating system and will not work at all. We dlel with the largest computer part wholesalers throughout the United States and provide the highest quality products available. The Dude August 14, Do i need to replace my wireless card?


Installing internal wireless card

Or possible compatibility with driver or Netgear Wireless G router? Tony February 1, Seth August 18, I have the same type of laptop Purchased on E-Bay every thing works except the wireless connection. I have a Dell Inspiron and the keyboard doesnt have the symbol would it be in the default location? The laptop is now coming with a free laptop bag Come on, somebody buy this thing! Kazuya,the mtn number you gave me of which i used to reach you,if i call the number of recent,another person keeps picking the call.

The key keyboard is sensibly laid out and the keys provide good feedback. Will the card used in this example connect to the internet on a wifi basis, or does it require a router, which in turn connects to the internet?

Greetings, Thanks to this article I get the idea to use an wm3bbg wireless mini pci card from a defective hp and wirrless it into an IBM thinkpad. Boost the price up a little bit I can give it for 35k without a brand new battery. The old one I had for ever and Im not joking. The hard disk is a 20GB Hitachi drive with a rotational speed of 4,rpm.

Kenan December 19, Back up all personal data and try reinstalling the operating system from scratch. Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. Lagitude from working Dell Latitude C Laptop. You can also test the brand new battery if you like lasts for 4 hours while playing games and 4 – 5 hours without playing games It is a modified battery I bought, it has more latituds capacity than the regular batteries, that’s why it lasts so long.


Dell Latitude C840 Wifi Cards

Versatile 3-spindle design The C uses an all-in-one design, allowing simultaneous use of two optical drives or alternatively a single optical katitude and another C-Family module, providing a high level of flexibility and configurability. This tutorial is expertly written. Chargers Hard Drives Memory Sticks. Can you see the antenna cables in there? You can find this wireless card by the model number: Overall, this was great help.