You can learn more over here. If your application accesses DB2 v7. If true , the current bind process replaces the existing DB2 packages that are used by the driver. This property determines whether certain restrictions are enforced to facilitate data conversions. Using emulation can improve performance because the SQL statement formulated by the emulation is less complex than the SQL statement formulated using getColumns.

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DB2 JDBC Driver and URL Information

You can get the drivers from the IBM site. If 0, the driver does not retry connections if a successful connection is not established on the driver’s first attempt to create a connection. Setting MaxPooledStatements to an integer greater than zero 0 enables the driver’s internal prepared statement pooling, which is useful when the driver is not running from within an application server or another application that provides its own prepared statement pooling.

The DB2 schema to use for catalog functions. Sign up using Email and Password. The client stores its public certificate in an encrypted file known as a keystore. In this case, the driver applies the standard JDBC character-to-binary conversion to the data, which returns the hexadecimal representation of the character data.

IDUG : Forums : Type2/Type4 Connection

The maximum number of pooled prepared statements for this connection. The User typpe4 provides the user ID. If a keystore entry has a password different than the keystore password, the driver must provide this password to unlock the entry and gain access to the certificate and its private key.


For example, for the following statement, the DB2 ttpe4 returns “test” for the catalog name, “test1” for the schema name, and “foo” for the table name: If 0, the driver does not delay between retries. Specifies the path and file name of the file to be used to load the contents of the statement pool. You send sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, over a database connection.

Verify that your environment meets the requirements listed in Table before you configure the driver for Kerberos authentication. To ensure that catalog methods function correctly, views for specific catalog tables must exist in the specified schema.

StripNewLines If you know that the SQL statements used in your application do not contain newline characters, the driver can improve performance by omitting the parsing required to remove them. Performance Tuning Gype4 DataDirect management of packet-based network communication provides unsurpassed packet transport, network round trips and data buffering optimization.

On some systems this can be as long as 9 minutes.

CatalogOptions Determines which type of metadata information is included in result sets when an application calls DatabaseMetaData methods.

Also check the value of the Java system property “java. Default is empty string.

The default is 1. Creating DB2 packages with a large number of dynamic sections may exhaust certain server resources. If your database connection is not configured to use data encryption, data is sent across the network in a format that is designed for fast transmission tjpe4 can be decoded by interceptors given some time and effort.


Sets the default query timeout in seconds for all statements created by a connection. Table lists the connection properties you type use in your initial connection URL when you tgpe4 a DB2 package: An alias for the DatabaseName property. If your application is mostly executing select statements, it is best to operate in the default mode of automatically committing the database.

For example, if your application specifies the following connection URL, the value of the Database connection property would be used instead of the value of the DatabaseName connection property. An auto-generated key returned by the DB2 driver is the value of an auto-increment column.

DB2 JDBC Driver and URL Information

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Optionally, the client may check the subject owner of the certificate.

For the list of the connection properties specific to each Oracle Type 4 JDBC driver, see the appropriate driver chapter: Performance can be improved by increasing the number of rows the driver loads at a time because fewer network round trips are required. Any certificate from the server must be issued by a trusted CA in the truststore file.

The thing that makes this worse is that I’ve read that jcc supports both Type 2 and Type 4.