Certainly, we can justify our mistaken? Log in or register to post comments. An even better idea would be to install a time-delay relay between the DC and its controlled switched outlet from the main control center. It certainly had “authority” in the bass. You may think you can avoid trouble by “being careful,” and you probably can for a while. Submitted by tonykaz on April 12, – 4:

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By delivering the maximum output power reasonably obtainable with today’s semiconductor power technology, the DC delivers a previously unattainable level of fidelity. This was obviously written by engineers for engineers, and while the sections on installation and use are clear enough to be of value to the average nonsophisticated hobbyist, the rest of the manual provides just about all the information that any user could conceivably need.

Crown DC power amplifier |

By comparison, the DC is a shade more lucid, tighter at the low end, sweeter at the top, and considerably more effortless when reproducing at high levels. A single pair of Model Datqsafe panels have a nominal 16 ohm impedance and a power capacity of W per panel. Very Good Average Fair Poor.

Rugged was the key word for Submitted by dalethorn on Dxtasafe 17, – 5: Stereophile’s Products of But if that roundabout approach is necessary to produce an audio amplifier like this, so be it. When I read about amps in excess of 50K I wonder who, and how many who’s, actually buy this stuff.


With the input level-sets the front-panel knobs half-way up, the input impedance is around 50k ohms, and this drops to 10k ohms with the controls up full. Wake no mistake, the difference is audible, even at low listening levels.

~ Datawrite DC-300 Electronic CD/DVD Library Storage System

Ve tried all the usual accident-type things in an dtasafe to get the amp to self-destruct, but it didn’t. And if we have ever said this about any other previous power amplifier, it is only because dc-3300 had never heard the DC Ads for their tape decks said ” Up to units can be linked!

Krell KST power amplifier. Bonus Recording of December Constellation Inspiration Stereo 1. The Amperite N with a second delay and 5A capacity would do it. Submitted by jmsent on April 15, – 5: In most cases, it as though a subtle or unsubtle, occasionally veil has been lifted, allowing one to listen to the music instead of at it.

The Best Jazz Albums of Customer Service About your order Wishlist Compare list. Rugged was the key word for Crown. I get tired of reading about so much gear in today’s Stereophile that while interesting is totally irrelevant due to expense.

Some preamplifiers and tuners do however produce loud switch-on pops, and a few of them the Dyna PAT-4, for example will pop if the input selector switch is operated during the first several seconds ddc-300 switch-on.


Luxman M power amplifier. We will even go so far as to guess that it will not be possible to build a better one, although we have some times been proven wrong on some similarly rash statements in the past. I think that even in when a fine car sold for just under 5K this amp may have been something to aspire to that was actually reachable. Recording of December Have we been doing some sort of a disservice to some loudspeakers d-300 tested in the past, by not testing them with the DC?

That all sounds great to me, although I’ve had a couple of NAD’s and I wasn’t too fond of their reliability in heavy use.

DataSafe Dc off CD DVD Blu-ray Automatic Storage Library Carousel | eBay

Of particular interest is the effect of the DC on low-end performance. Then get a Behringer Submitted by mrkaic on April 14, – 5: We won’t hold our breath! May Heaven protect us, and our loudspeakers, from amplifiers of “several kilowatts” output!

But like most large solid state amps of the day sounded dry and hard in the top end.