Unfortunately, the U3’s screen is too small to watch more than a minute or two of video comfortably, and the frame rate is too low for high-action scenes. While the capability is commendable, we just can’t see using this player for anything except audio functions. This issue was rectified by the rapid recall of all faulty remotes and free replacements. Apart from FM radio, voice recording and line-in recording , it also featured video playback as well as photo and text viewing. Its excellent video-conversion software lets you watch your favorite clips on the go.

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Cowon iAudio U3 review: Cowon iAudio U3 – CNET

Just press the record iahdio, though you needn’t make it a long iqudio as the instructions state; recording won’t start if you do that. It lacked some of the main features of the G3: This technology allowed the production of a high capacity digital audio player in a very small form factor.

Apart from FM radio, voice recording and line-in recordingit also featured video playback as well as photo and text viewing. Its casing is a silver color instead of the black X5.

It included an updated reverb algorithm, allowing the user to choose between nine different types of iauduo timbresincluding ChamberRoomClubHallAuditoriumCathedralStadiumCanyon and Long. Setting the timer is fairly easy, though you can’t line up multiple recordings as you can with a VCR; you’re limited to one preprogrammed recording that can be singular or daily. It could also record directly from sources or record using a built in microphone.


Cowon iAudio U3 Specs – CNET

Best MP3 Players for As for viewing photos and watching videos, it’s cool at first but later feels a bit like punishment. The X5 includes a color screen on the unit. Specifically, once you leave the attractive, colorful main menu which consists of six straightforward options and delve into your media collection, it’s not always obvious how to maneuver.

The pan and zoom features are good, though you can’t zoom in very far.

FLAC was supported up to firmware 1. As with all iAUDIO devices, there was no need for the use of software, since the U3 was a UMS device though additional software was required to take advantage of some features, such as converting video to the right format to be played back on the player.

With the firmware version 1. Visit manufacturer site for details. The built-in microphone works well enough, and the adjustable input volume really helps in quiet or loud recording situations. It was produced in Korea.

Lots of audio options. It has a slightly larger version of the same small four-way joystick, the same line-in and headphone jacks at one end, and the same USB port at the other end. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s The unit has exactly the same physical and u specifications as the original iAUDIO 9, except for a slightly larger internal speaker and JetEffect v.


Cowon iAudio U3

Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted As for photos, you’re limited to JPEG files–again, hot stuff but you’ll get sucked into video soon, and you’ll be begging for a bigger screen. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. There was a widespread “fading” issue, in which the text of the remote slowly disappeared. While it may be the world’s smallest PVP, the tiny screen is more showy than useful iaaudio video and photo.

It has almost identical features to the iriver H Series.

Retrieved from ” https: The mobile world might finally get exciting again in The Bottom Line The feature-packed and swell-sounding Cowon iAudio U3 may ooze cool as one of the smallest PVPs, but its somewhat tricky controls and its high price tag spoil the party.

Views Read Edit View history. Not only do movies look small, they look jerky as well. The iAudio U3’s recording options don’t end with FM; the player also supports voice and line-in recording.

This does not affect our rating. It requires two different desktop utilities.