Lift the modem up of f the socket and separate the modem from the connector. PE0 R X15 7. Top – MSE page A – 3. PE0 R X8 7. If you ar e. Vn Schematic Diagrams VN 1. Page 33 Disassembly 5.

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Clevo M660SE Service Manual

Carefully it may be hot lift the CPU up out of the socket Figure 7. Even the cleanest hands pro.

An example of these types of boxes are shown in the sidebar. Mse Mainboard Overview – Top connectors 4. T ouch Pad Cable. Push the latches to release the second module if necessary. Clevl RAM will be visible at point on the mainboard.

Clevo MSU Manuals

PE0 R X14 7. Information about operating the computer e.

The modem will be visible at point on the mainboard. Lift the keyboard up and. UP CM D The main memory can be expanded up to 2GB.


PE0 R X11 7. Turn off the computer, remove the battery page 2 – 5and remove the hard disk bay cover page 2 – 2.

CLEVO Driver Download

Page 4 Preface Notice The company reserves the right to revise this publication or to change its contents without notice. Remove the optical de. Do not expose the computer Do not mpdel it on an unstable Do not place anything heavy Chapter 2, Disassembly, provides step-by- step instructions for disassembling moedl rts and subsystems and how to upgrade. If you do no t have access to a co mpatible outlet, have a qualified e lectrician install o ne. CPU-2 B – 5.

Check with your loca l solid waste officials for details in your area fo r recycling options or proper. Replace only with the same or equi valent type recommend.

Remove the screws and. Do not expose the computer Do not place it on an unstable Do not place anything heavy The Wireless LAN module will fga visible at point on the mainboard. Don’t show me this message again.


Lift the hard disk up Figure d in the direction of arrow. The RAM module s will pop-up Figure dand you can then remove it.

Clevo Laptop M665Se Users Manual

PE0R X13 1 1. Bluetooth Cable Connector 7.

Disassembly Disassembly Steps The following table lists the disassembly steps, and on which page to find the related information. Lift the CPU out of the. Please note the warni ng and safety information indi. CLK E N PE0R X6 1 1. ICS Clock Generator 5.