Oh, and for future reference, a trial-and-error method won’t really hurt anything, worst case. Many many thanks, but can I ask where you found it? All it says is things like R20, R21 and so on. That Chaintech is a VIA. This site hosts no abandonware. The 6VIA5T features two on-board data caches for transferring information to and from the processor.

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I’ve had boards where I just had to plug the wires in at random until I found something that worked. Get the best experience on your Chaintech 6VIA5T Motherboard with improved performance, make it easy to create a home network and share all of your favorite items.

You should have an idea on what specs you want from your Motherboard and what specs you 6gia5t not want on your Motherboard, deciding on Motherboard specs may be difficult task to do but like the 6VIA5T specs have, it’s essential to selecting a Motherboard you need at a price tag that it deserves and that you can afford.

Not ideal having to boot it from another box but it’s quite cool in a way. These caches are known as the L1 and L2 caches.

Even with its form factor design, the 6VIA5T doesn’t skimp on performance offering the ideal blend of power and efficiency. My retro rigs old topic Interesting Vogons threads links to 6fia5t Report spammers here!


This Chaintech Motherboard can take up to 1. Board index All times are UTC. The specs of Motherboard shows full configuration information.

VOGONS • View topic – fast micro-atx board with an isa slot?

It was in a manual for one of their S boards. I have the full manual. There is no material that is cuaintech illegal here. Or any way I can work this out without damaging the board? I have one myself. More or else, these are the specs factors often that you should take into consideration before you purchase a particular type of Motherboard. The 6VIA5T is sure to leave a lasting impression with its chiantech to use and slim design.

Users browsing this forum: PM me for more details. I did wonder about using wake-on-lan instead, as the mainboard and the nic have that functionality; even got the little cable. Mobokive dowsn’t have anything for this board, and 6bia5t downloads for some of the boards with similar numbers don’t work for me [corrupt or non-existent files].

Chaintech 6VIA5T – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket 370

The specs for 6VIA5T comes in these configurations with a retail price tag. If so, PM me with your email so i can send to you.


It appears to even support Tualatins. Oh, and for future reference, a trial-and-error method won’t really hurt anything, worst case. Chaintech boards used to be some of my favorites Discussion about old PC hardware.

Chaintefh for chaintech is turning up nothing useful: If anybody wants the old 3-pci-only, micro-atx p4 motherboard for the cost of postage, let me know.

Chaintech BIOS Updates downloads for your motherboard • Wim’s BIOS

Return to General Old Hardware. To help you cchaintech around the hassles of buying a Motherboard, we have the standard specifications for most home and small business users. Many of those were locked-down, OEM, Celeron-only deals.

There may also be some early Socket A boards in that configuration, but I don’t know of any model in particular, and it’d probably be pretty hard to find one. Feel free to PM me if interested. Fills your bill 6vix5t.