Can I configure cgminer to mine with different login credentials or pools for each separate device? Help, I’ve started cgminer and everything reads zero!? The latest drivers can be downloaded from the website test. Why don’t the statistics add up: They seem to be flagging even source code now from cgminer as viruses, even though text source files can’t do anything by themself.

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The output line shows the following: Unfortunately it still does not see USB devices:.

2Pac Setup Windows

In that scenario, load-balance falls back to regular failover priority-based strategy. While a pool is disabled or dead, its quota is dropped until tp is re-enabled.

There are a number of drivers that expect to be used on dedicated standalone hardware. What is an ASIC? What is CgMiner 2.

Writing configuration files with quotas is likewise supported. Why don’t the statistics add up: This code is provided entirely free of charge by the programmer in his spare time so donations would be greatly appreciated.

Steps by steps mine BITCOIN on SLUSH pool. – AREWAPRESS1

Driver pilih salah satu waktu installnya saya lebih rekomen menggunakan driver No. As an example, if you look at ‘Difficulty Accepted’ in the RPC X, the number of difficulty shares accepted does not usually exactly equal the amount of work done to find them.


Very few USB hubs deliver the promised power required to run as many devices as they fit if all of them draw power from USB.

However, the number is actually random and converges over time, it is an average, not an exact value, thus you may find instlal or less than the expected average. The BiFury is designed by c-scape and features 2 Bitfury generation chips.

There is far more detail in the API output than can be reasonably displayed on the small console window, and using an external interface such as miner.

Help w/ Gawminer Config using CGminer – The New Litecointalk Forum

At this point you need to associate cgmoner device with the WinUSB driver. Plug the BiFury into No drivers need to be installed. They seem to be flagging even source code now from cgminer as viruses, even though text source files can’t do anything by themself. No, cgminer keeps a database of the block it’s working on to ensure it does not work on stale blocks, and having different blocks from two networks would make it invalidate the work from each other. The reason for doing this is to try its absolute best to keep the devices working on something useful and not risk idle periods.

The previous hash is followed by the getwork mode used M: Then once you plug in your device you can choose the “list all devices” from the “option” menu and you should be able to see the device as something like: We can’t ever arrive anywhere on time.


When it reaches the end of the file it continues back at the top. What should my Work Utility WU be? Is this a virus?

You have installl purchase dedicated mining hardware called ASICs to plug into your computer. However due to permissions issues, you may not be able to mine directly on the devices as a regular user without giving the user access to the device or by mining as root administrator. Can I mine on servers from different networks eg xxxcoin and bitcoin at the same time?

Welcome to bitcoin mining. By default, all pools are allocated equal quotas unless specified with –quota. The USB implementation on windows can be very flaky on some hardware and every time cgminer looks for new hardware to hotplug it it can cause these sorts of problems.

This strategy sends work to all the pools on a quota basis.

Everyone will always have their own view of what’s important to monitor.