Vermeer HDD Circuit program attendees come from all over the world, with different levels of experience and goals. Paying a little extra for good equipment can save a lot of time and increase productivity. Comments As a professional advertising photographer who has also used every brand, I would personally stay Away from G-drive. Even though computers and drive systems are much faster today than 10 years ago, the media we work with and the projects we work on today are also more demanding on our systems. So the golden rule of keeping your media off the boot drive is more relevant today than it was ever before. What it takes to become an HDD certified operator Every Vermeer HDD Circuit program attendee is evaluated in the field and is required to pass an exam before finishing the course. Have they paid to get this review?

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Benefits of Becoming a Certified HDD Operator | Dig Different

Seems fishy to me. While I have the greatest respect for Ronny, I slightly cqleb with him re: Cheap with massive storage options. However, the first thing we learned in editing school was to not use external hard drives to edit. Small size is very important as I do most of my shooting overseas in Asia often in very rural, less than ideal conditions, so having drives that are also bus powered means one less outlet I have to look for.


Re: Editing and Storage options

Editing and Storage options April 06, Thompson says almost every machine operator was required to be certified while working in the oil fields, which is why obtaining an HDD certification was important to him. Typically you will have a top layer of a few SSDs handling the file caching and server management, and a bottom layer of ultra-fast big storage with 20 to 60 striped HDDs.

Why are items 1,2 and 3 all G drives? Talk to anyone, everyone has had hard drive horror stories from various brands. So configure your system based on your bandwidth needs. HI Caleb, I don’t know what editing school you went to but I have never heard of such a thing before. Hi Tom, We were, in fact, always taught to never put media on the boot drive.

Comments are moderated before being posted. Gable says the Vermeer HDD Circuit program has given him a lot more confidence on the job and helped with training other people. My HDD operator certification made a huge difference.

Best Hard Drives For the Traveling Editor

Valeb and Storage options. Have they paid to get this review? Many of the links on this site will direct you to Amazon products and if you order via those links, we earn a commission with no additional cost to you. He was also impressed by the advancements made in locating equipment.


Best Hard Drives For the Traveling Editor

Now, I use all Western Digital. Newer Topic Older Topic Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum.

That’s why using SSD as your boot drive will enhance your overall editing and computing experience. Gives me two copies of all my assets and peace of mind while traveling. So you won’t lose any connectivity with your TB drives. For portability, I have a G-drive mini and 2 G-Raid minis. Making that investment showed my lenders I was hddd about the business, and taking the necessary steps to be successful.

Buy an enclosure and by the SATA internal drives. December 17, Cleb in Review: This is a rare exception and merely a convenience of not plugging in an external drive.

This content is sponsored by Vermeer. Sorry, for all the questions, I appreciate all the info you have shared over the years.

Thompson now has Mauler Contracting up and running. I assume it does, but I am wondering if anyone has used external SSD’s to edit, and if this is still seen as one of the big “Don’ts” in video editing?

I like to use this drive for dailies, extra caeb and as a general use drive.