Sony Ericsson C – Battery Connector 5pin. With a little faith and practise though, the angle actually does make it easier to press the keys with your thumbprint, which is probably a more natural way of doing it, when you think about it. But start using it and it feels like coming home — everything is where it should be, and it’s a simple pleasure to handle and use. The music player may not be quite as advanced as those on Sony Ericsson’s Walkman series, but it’s well thought out and really not missing anything essential. Okay, so it’s on the slim side, with some stylish stripes, but there are no immediately obvious gimmicks or design innovations.

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This seems to work quite fine with accurate GPS data in dense city areas, where cell towers are closely positioned.

Sony Ericsson C902 review

It’s a much sturdier form camwra protection than the usual strip of a lens cover and feels securely built. The Add position setting in the menu We were unable to test the official claims that the new Photo flash LED is able to provide 3 times more power cameta the regular LED.

Sony Ericsson’s cameras have been getting steadily more sophisticated over the years and this 5-megapixel number moves things along still further. Noise level seem relatively high, especially with sufficient light. But the keys on the keypad aren’t flat but are actually angled downwards slightly which feels a bit weird, especially if you’re used to pressing on small keys with the tip of your thumbnail.

Looking at the back however, it’s not immediately obvious that there even is a camera, since there’s no lens in sight cameta no lens cover. The C camera is a capable shooter. Reviews Sony Ericsson C review Page 5. But start using it and it feels like coming home — everything is where it should be, and it’s a simple pleasure to handle and use.



The C in the name, cakera the way, stands for camera and also Cyber-shot, which makes sense, replacing the old K for the Swedish ‘kamera’ and that’s not surprisingly the focus of this phone. Please select a quantity. Cyber-touch Sony Ericsson C review. The maximum discharge quantity of this article is 5 pieces per customer Please select a quantity.

Browsing items on the toolbar reversely should be an option, as with the camera interfaces of competing brands. Its pop-up sub-menus enhanced with icons and the Multi Menu packing all the available settings known since K are here to facilitate the user experience. For instance, the titchy key layout of the K and other handsets appears to have been abandoned in favour of a more conventional arrangement.

Camera features Face detection is now famera the agenda, which means the camera will find and focus on a central face in the frame, plus there’s red eye reduction and an image stabiliser on board.

Video is of lesser quality QVGA than the c90 camera but it’s still pretty good, with motion blur noticeably less than most other cameraphones we’ve tried. When browsing tagged images in the gallery, you have access to a “View on map” tab from the options menu, which displays your location directly on the preinstalled Google Maps.

But there’s no Wi-Fi to add off-mobile speedy web browsing. GSMArena team14 Caera The maximum discharge quantity of this article is 5 pieces per customer.

Sony Ericsson C review: Camera, video recording

Photo editing Despite these niggles, picture quality in good light is really very good — sharp and with good colour tones, but there is a delay of a few seconds between pressing the shutter and the photo being taken, which is a problem for action shots. But a camfra look at the C gives the impression that it’s gone back to basics with a straight-ahead candy bar style handset.


Just to give you an idea of what the C photos can turn out with just a wee bit of photoediting, here are their versions downsized to x pixels.

Delivery Cost Calculator Destination: The camera toolbar gives access to shoot mode, scenes, picture size, focus, flash, self-timer, metering mode, white balance, effects, and cameera Multi Menu. Plus no stabilization can help you if your subjects are moving.

You can also add the Storyteller application which allows you to add frames and thought bubbles, as well as add paint effects and upload them to your Facebook or Bebo page. The focus mode however has an extra feature – Face detection.

Sony Ericsson C902

The C makes a virtue of its rather plain appearance by being very easy to use and packing in loads of features without appearing to shout about them. BestPic mode in the settings menu Camwra we get to the geo-tagging issue. The ultra quick-snapping BestPic mode has two varieties – fast and slow. Here is a sample video for you to check out. The autofocus camera does very well at close-ups.