Well, I don’t know if this will help, but I spent some time on the range today, with my daughter. Any brand that cracks in long drive competition is being abused anyway to my way of thinking. And no I do not believe the claims. RP Jacobs II 6 years ago. Krank Golf focuses percent of its efforts on maximizing Golf Driver performance. Pete 6 years ago. Krank rage 6 degree ld driver with house of forged LT two XX-stiff shaft.

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Dec 18, 40 Comments. MattW 6 years ago. Any opportunity to demo some Krank clubs lefty in the Memphis area? Most customers will understand that things can go wrong but poor communication is inexcusable.

Rocketballz are longer but proV1s are more accurate. I know a long drive competitor who cracks just about every brand he tries eventually. We have witnesses who heard the whole pitch kranm are fully aware of raage dilema.

I am still waiting for the weights and the tool and the instructions to adjust the driver.


Any brand that cracks in long drive competition is being abused anyway to my way of thinking. I am back to being tempted to getting one.

Posted 06 September – I rge get a LOT of players asking me about it since I often go solo to play. Received the Element a couple of weeks ago and am impressed. Scott 6 years ago.

Ive hit the Krank Rage. Nice write up on ragd Krank Driver. Review of the Element I received the Element last week and yesterday was kranl first time that I took it to the range. The guys who have picked it up love it, and the few who have had a hit with it also love it. I dont care HOW long we take, it will be done lol if not first time around, we keep on going.

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I hit it and liked it. Yohanan 6 years ago. Hell Yes, it did.

They are not a sponsor here, yet, but don’t count them out. Loft – 9 Degree. I really wanted to launch that G5, and thought I was killing it.

Can Krank Rage still compete with newer drivers?

Your policy states simply that it will not accept returns on any club that has been hit. Loft – 21 Degree 7 Wood.


I am working on them, every chance I get. If you see me with it on a course in the PHX area, ask to try it out…everyone rqge to enjoy the conversation about it, if not the performance itself. This club is for real and I cannot wait to hit it again.

Krank Rage Black 9* Driver Graphite Aldila Authority Regular Flex

TF 5 years ago. Search Advanced Search section: Then again, all that can come with perfectly executed swing with right shaft. I would personally like to thank Krank for all the hard work. I will tell you that I have never felt so powerful with a driver.