Patch files are included for patching the driver into some of the latest 2. Default is which is standard ethernet non-jumbo MTU size. Note that when configuring Teaming, at least one Primary Adapter is required. Configures the number of transmit descriptors. Generic trunking mode does not require NICE and can work with any NIC, however, it requires the Ethernet switch to support the technology and be properly configured.

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The most recent Red Hat distributions are included. Configures the number of receive descriptors for jumbo frames larger than bytes. The name of the backup script must NOT be prefixed with “team-“. Configures the number of transmit descriptors. Installing Linux Driver Software.

It is normally located at: Configures the number of 1 usec ticks before the NIC generates receive interrupt after receiving a frame. Both broaddom and team-gec are configuration scripts that follow the same syntax, as follows:.

BROADCOM – latest generic driver – Network Cards – LaptopVideo2Go Forums

To install patched drivers:. These features are provided by creating teams that consist of multiple NIC interfaces.


Note that if not all the virtual network interfaces are configured with an IP address, there will be an error message in starting the BASP team. The valid values are: See the ifconfig man page for details. Most of the steps are only required to be performed after the first time installation. Since Red Hat distributions do not automatically load drivers for network devices unless the device is configured with an IP address, users must manually configure a network-script file for all physical adapters that will be team members.

A virtual device is created for each VLAN added.

On systems with insufficient memory, it may be necessary to reduce this parameter. The most likely cause is that the rpm-build package has not been installed.

This tool can be used in custom initialization scripts. In SLB and To rectify the situation, locate the rpm-build package on the Red Hat installation media and install it using the command: All the member NICs, once in the Following steps for Red Hat Linux distributions only.


Three packages are shipped in this release: Selects the duplexity of the link. Default is which is standard ethernet non-jumbo MTU size.

Thus please follow the instruction 3 in the Install – TAR archive to modify the snmpd. If you have customized or rebuilt your kernel you may need to install your bcm module using the source RPM package described above. Please read all restrictions and disclaimers. Setting this parameter higher allows the NIC to buffer larger bursts of network traffic without dropping frames, especially on slower systems. Use with other Linux distribution will cause an error.

The PCI ID Repository

BASP is released in three packaging formats: For untagged virtual interface, i. These parameters take the form.

Copy the patched drivers to the Linux kernel network driver source directory, i.