Asus Apple Sony Google Valve. Show More Show Less. Its flagship product, the PhysX chip, is leading dedicated Physics Processing Unit PPU – a completely new hardware category that bridges the gap between virtual worlds in game and responsive physical reality. Show More Show Less. Product Key Features Compatible Platforms.

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This is where the “second generation PPU enabled games” come in. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Skip to main content.

They recently submitted a PhysX board to Guru3D. Most of the action is limited to pre-scripted or canned animations. When we first looked at the PhysX features in UT3, we were a bit non-plussed. By unloading the CPU and GPU it’ll be possible to render scene’s with a huge number of polygons very realistically while maintaining an good framerate as the CPU does not have to do these complex physics calculations.

Real interactivity was always an aspect in games, which designers tried to reach, but never achieved. You need one of these cards for the games of today and most new games nowdays work better with this card installed so buy one you wont regreet it beleave me All you got were benefits, but no real draw backs.

While some game designers have taken that route to enable phydx artificial intelligence or unload certain tasks from the GPU unto the CPU, Ageia is the first company to actually offer a physics processing unit, or PPU.

Hardware purely dedicated for that task; and with the spotlight on accelerating Physics. Trending Price New. Revolution, the showcase for Ageia’s PhysX physics processing card, out for a spin to see how it handles.


That means physics computation has been handled by the general purpose CPU which is already burdened with the ever increasing demands of today’s advanced games including game logic and AI.

The magic of the Gfg can be found in additionally calculating impressive features like fluid collision detection, rigid body dynamics, soft bodies, clothing and hair simulations and calculating damage. Red Fraction is such an example.

BFG AGEIA PhysX (128 MB) (BFGRPHYSX128P) Graphics Card

The overall acceptance of the new processor type has not been as large as some may have thought and there is an explanation for this. Einstein on a PCB Info: The greater acceptance by OEMs and game developers should make for a great combination and may even lead to a widespread market acceptance of physs PhysX card, which would also mean that the cards may even become cheaper and more manufacturers may start to offer them in the future.

The PhysX chip allows developers to use active physics-based environments for a more life-like entertainment experience. John Carmack has spoken out on the subject of dedicated physics cards and it’s not good news for Ageia. A fantastic purchase if you are restricted to one PCI expansion slot or already have a great gaming machine and would like an af fordable and sustainable option to running PhysX.

Massively destructible buildings and landscapes; explosions that cause collateral damage; lifelike characters with spectacular new weapons; realistic smoke, fog and oozing fluids are all now possible with the AGEIA PhysX processor! Ageia believes that games can be at a far better gaming experience once you will not only calculate pixels but also common real-world physics, in this case with their ateia processor.


BFG Ageia PhysX Card Review | TechPowerUp

This means that by the time all players have an implementation in the market, PhysX has been out and about for well over a year if not more. One could say that the next year will make or break the PPU. The benefits are much more realistic physics effects and hopefully not such a great impact on the overall graphic performance.

It’s not just how things look, but how they behave. Carmack shuns dedicated PPU cards. Asus Apple Sony Google Valve. The latter were the first to supply us with a shipping retail boxed hardware, the unit we are reviewing today. To further increase awarness, Ageia will be releasing “Warmonger” which utilizes the Unreal 3 engine with all its effects for free in mid October. More items related to this product.

The new processor can simply do them better, faster and also take the load off of a CPU, but the extra effects tend to tax the graphic card, thus reducing the overall frame rate delivered. One aspect which phhysx modern games lack is interactivity and realism within the virtual environment.