I would definitely recommend it to anyone who could benefit from motorized faders. Nice faders, easy to configure MIDI functions. I am getting 4 on Monday and need to know so I can build my custom housing. Sorry to describe myself as Professional Musician because I’m not a musician at all, but it is not professional photographer definition here: The third one not working at all does make sense if you can’t have three running through USB at once. You will need to carefully dissolve the locking compound with a cotton bud and nail polish remover before attempting to unscrew them or you will just chew up the screw and you CANNOT replace them with metal screws, they isolate the dangerous PSU voltage from the chassis. Sorry to say, but it sounds to me like the unit itself may have had a stroke!

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Be in control with the BCF! You’d therefore see the exact phenomena you’re seeing, only the first one is really cranked and working, while the second one is trying to keep up and the third one is fighting a losing battle. Hardware Enhancement for Your Digital Workflow.

The problem is most likely to be the power supply. It still gets the work done so I guess they had to skimp somehow to get behrigner price down that low.


I’m not a musician, I’m photographer. Find More Posts by Pughey. Send a private message to theminstrelsghost. The motorized faders ARE loud, as noted in the reviews I read beforehand, but I’m usually knee deep in a set of cans when I’m using them, and the only times they cause major noise issues is switching between presets, or your large groups of channels i.


It’s gonna run you into the ground as far as electricity behhringer not the most green and efficient device out there, but great for mixing. It provide the comfortable physical control for almost all Lightroom’s functions.

Behringer tends to put cheap components into their products making them break down easily as well as preform sub-par to similar products. In fairness to Behringer this was a widespread issue across the whole electronic industry and lots of usn were affected.

It is this void that the BCF fills with style. See any errors on this page? Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

That dark wood grain looks beyond awesome against the dark blue. A lot of Behringer equipment from around the manufacture date of these units suffers from this problem. You can replace this as a single unit but the fault is almost certainly the two main capacitors which smooth the output. The unit looks pretty nice as far as design and functions as it should. If anyone could help me – I’d be eternally grateful – especially, as the times it has worked, I’ve really enjoyed using it.

The faders slide back to zero when the project opens, but it all seems to work – jusy can’t get the faders to auto go to where they should be according to the mixer view. Pughey – could it possibly be your USB controller?


Behringer Bcf2000 B-control Usb/midi Controller With 8 Motorized Faders

It should be power up, load it up, and business begins. Sorry to describe myself as Professional Musician because I’m not a musician at all, but it is not professional photographer definition here: Nice faders, easy to configure MIDI functions. To make things worse, BCF Manager doesn’t seem to see it any more. Lots of midi cables and power cords, lots of electricity, but at least there’s still hope.

So yeah, just keep at it a little before throwing in the towel. Any competent electronic tech will be able to do this – if you can find one in this day and age!.

I’ve got it to work sporadically, but even though it’s set up correctly right drivers, firmware, and settings in Reaper it doesn’t connect with the software every time I load reaper.

Find More Posts by songcycle Last edited by BenK-msx; at Get control of each and every audio parameter at your fingertips. Something I haven’t seen in any of the setup guides for bc mode is when setting up with bc manager I changed the midi channel for the user buttons and the store,learn,edit,exit buttons to midi channel 1 2 3 as per unit so I now have 24 assignable buttons.

Any how if your DAW supports it, you just can plug and play without emulation mode.