I was thinking of getting something like this http: I placed now my order. Just press on link and download will start. The image displays correctly, but the colors do not. How can I get it replaced?

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Hey, do you beagleboardd whether this would work with an Eee PC display? Novice 1 3 This will change endianness of data pixels and you will get true colors. Both of them are for industrial use, and are pretty expensive.

BeagleBoard-XM with NEC LCD display | Chalkboard Electronics

So you can just add your scipt here to make it as a module So one thing have to do is find the last number used in these list of scripts and rename your driver script by prepending the next number to the last in the list for eg: Tukkajumala, just small add-on to my post. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Will it work with the C2 board? It is just a matter of mounting on the top of the board and flipping the connectors?


Pretty sure it has a standard LVDS connector. It will work with bit panel for sure. You can also search for ready cables at least, with LCD side installed. Will try to make another photo with professional camera. We used BB-xM for our tests. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We should get first mass batch of assembled boards this Saturday, so your order will be shipped on Monday.

Hi, is it possible to get only the 10″ lcd?

Hello James, It can be several reasons for this behavior, like wrong pins connections to LCD or wrong display settings in u-boot environment. Hello Abeng, You need additional board for touchscreen. So, stay tuned for news!

– beagleboard-xm

You don’t need to change anything in kernel — just set correct LCD parameters in kernel environment variables umon: Just press on link and download will start. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript bexgleboard. Learn how your comment data is processed.


Email Required, but never shown. GY2-L01 The screen displays dummy datas.

Please, bewgleboard e-mail directly to me ace. Shop Support Blog Contact. Latest from blog July 19, Shop Support Blog Contact. We ordered couple LCD panels to make tests, and I will post result after tests.

So if I modified your board by grounding some pins, I could get my 18 bit panel to work with BeagleBoard? I’m not that handy with a soldering iron… Does it require delicate soldering of tiny points?

Android sources are available at Google. So you can just add your scipt here to make it as a module. Is there any way I could pay extra for parts and labor and get a beagleboad cable made? Hello Robert, I just checked — all links are OK.