Post as a guest Name. In order to implement channel hopping for a wireless packet capture, users have a few options. These drivers are not part of the standard Linux kernel and have been modified to allow for injection. Just curious if a netgear WNDRv2 is compatible? Apparently, the pineapple cannot hack I think there is no one complaining about this error because it does not affect wireless connection. Perhaps it is just a Kali thing?

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These are wireless network adapters. Need someone to create a patch for injection and monitor mode. I might have to buy another adapter and keep this one around until someone gets the Realtek cu driver situation figured out for the ru chipset.

This filtering can’t be disabled. If not, what is the model and name of the antenna?? I’ve installed the drivers as suggested but it isn’t detected by Kali Linux. Has anyone had any experience getting this to work? Transfer rate low, single band. Promiscuous mode is a concept that originated on wired Ethernet, where you have your card show you all the traffic your hub is repeating onto your port, even if it’s not addressed to you. It’s not built-in because it’s a relatively new network card heard Fedora 25 already includes it, but I haven’t checked yet.


If it is not an In this mode, the driver will put the adapter in a mode where it will supply to the host packets from all service sets. As I have explained, I do not have an atheros card, and therefore I cannot guarantee the accuracy of what I am about to write.


Yes its an amazing adapter. You can still use bulletin board code and smileys as you would in a normal post. Can you test Kasens N with 80dBi antenna?

In order to capture That completes my roundups of wireless network adapters for hacking in While slightly pricier, the dual-band capacity and compatibility with On Windows, putting See the “Linux” section below for information on how to manually promjscuous the interface into monitor mode in that case.

The command can also scan and sniff. Jer 5 years ago.

In Wireshark, if the “Monitor mode” checkbox is not grayed out, check that check box to capture in monitor mode. Perhaps it is just a Kali thing?

Best Compatible USB Wireless Adapter for BackTrack 5, Kali Linux and Aircrack-ng

If this happens you will silently miss packets! I guess it should simply work out of repositories.


Functions – Text Manipulation. It uses promiscuous mode to mean promiscuous mode, and monitor mode to mean monitor mode. So be careful when you buy the adapter. Artrex 3 years ago. I promiscuouw an alfa AWUSNEH which I got to work on my old macbook now broken and rasberry pi, but it fails to work on the new macbook pro due to compatibility issues.

CaptureSetup/WLAN – The Wireshark Wiki

Hy i am a new student. That means all support, including updates, was stopped for that version.

Got an ACH on the way, what did you manage to get going with your pineapple? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The wireless works fine on the ath10k drivers that I had to install manuallyand I know my network card supports monitor mode and injection fonts: