What I’ve tested works like charm. Read and follow the installation instructions as described here in short: This site is very helpful. Yeah don’t do the radio state thing it really out of date check the howto’s in my signature to get you going or check the wiki for the howto on dniswrapper. Use -l to list installed drivers ndiswrapper died with exit status 23 Removing default driver I’ve followed the howto several times without any luck.

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I am so excited now Free withdrawal the same day. I finally stumbled across a working fix for it after aaus all of the other tutorials on the forums and beating google to death with the searches. I follow kalosaurusrex’s guide, and i got to the point where i modprobe the ndiswrapper driver and i get this: I am guessing the delay is because the system is trying to connect using eth0 and eventually times out and then tries to connect using wlan0 and connects right away.


This is the most recent thing I tried: My problem with the above instructions is twofold: It MUST wpan the above to work correctly. IO port probe 0x3ex4ff: Configuring Your Lan I am still not able to get internet either Battery Power System I will trt the black list part and reboot.

I have followed all of the instructions above, and have got no errors at all. After all inits, caps: Look for the drivers supplied with your card Dell usually store a copy in C: Someone has probably suggested this on page 18 or so, but it would take an age to find it.

I loaded ndiswrapper, got everything working and rebboted later, afterwards when it re-booted I could not get it to work. Whenever I ndiswrapper -l, it tells me that bcmwl5 and bcmwl5.

Restarting Or Rebooting It’s quit important to use the bcmwl5a. Wait your on edgy right or are you using dapper? Did do the following: Nb Probe Setup Here’s the output of iwconfig, if it helps: Usb Communication Cable The primary network interface iface wlan0 inet static address Flash Memory Card Reader After my original post in this thread about 5 months ago, I glad that the nerds kept at it and finally got this working I installed this card on my new laptop and that worked without a glitch.


You’re expected to enter this in hexadecimal form; if you don’t speak hex, prefix your key with s: Wireless Lan Driver Setup – Ass bg Done Building dependency tree Reading state information Stand By And Hibernate I did a ‘modprobe ndiswrapper’ but it doesn’t do much help as far as I can see.