Or do I turn in a bug notice to the bluez developer? Go to the Bluez page, and search for “atheros,” and you find this: The code in the dkms package is not possible to upstream, since it modifies the btusb module and will affect other chips. I can confirm the fix from 54 from bug updated libmtp-runtime works for the following device: It’s hard to make it upstream, since it use different way to load the firmware. Well, this ends a lot of errors.

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Ran dkms status and saw the info listed, just in reverse order the ar line was above the dell line Still couldn’t do anything with bluetooth, then I rebooted, and there it was, enabled and all.

None, the status of the bug is updated manually. See full activity log. As previously mentioned in 49, the machine has the latest linux-firmware, but fails to load the firmware to the device: This is consistant with the kernel. Email me about changes to this bug report. Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on Fighterstick Bus Device Connection timed out Now, in a very rational sense, I believe I have hit the dead end.


Bluetooth AR hciattach ath3k fail | NXP Community

Alexander Hall compuguy wrote on Issue still seems to be occurring on my Precise box, even with the latest firmware package: After that everything works fine. From the bug report, it seems to be reporting itself as 0cf3: Jeff Marcom jeffmarcom wrote on Night Train nighttrain wrote on I went ahead and added the natty packages to my repository, so that I could effectively install the bluez 4.

Maintenance out of tree might get expensive after a while. You have the driver source after installing the dkms package.

[Bug 714862] Re: Atheros AR3002 cannot be turned up/is not recognized.

Thanks for the fix, guys. G Laser Mouse Bus Device Eldar Khayrullin eldar wrote on Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

HCI device and connection manager initialized [ Pro Throttle Bus Device On Thu, Mar 17, at 2: And Ubuntu will have the new firmware in the next release Precise Pangolinso this issue won’t bother you anymore. I have asked on the ubuntu forums but I have had no advice.


[Bug ] Re: Atheros AR cannot be turned up/is not recognized.

The bug is partly solved in 2. So far, no good.

Well, this ends a lot of errors. The following is from a sr3002 with 4 BT devices advertising themselves a mono headset, an Android phone, BT audio headphones, and BT speakers: Marcus, I’m not sure if you installed the dkms package correctly.

I have found a dkms-driver for the Atheros chipset on the recovery image which I created from the pre-installed Ubuntu So I go to the Bluez page, and search for “atheros,” and you find this: Hi Jeff, Linjx looks you are using quite shinning kernel: The only thing that works is if I go to the Dell Recovery Tool and restore the system to the “factory shipped state.