I and all of the communities would be so grateful! I’m no developer at all. Iris Plus Graphics Subscribe to Thread Page 1 of 8 1 2 3 Last. Best Regards Martin Knapovsky. Skip to main content. However, as a result of company restructuring, AMD divested the handheld chipset business starting from the second quarter of , thus the line is deemed officially discontinued.

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Just wishing to add my name to this request. It is their first big mobile hardware purchase and almost as valuable as a new car.

Please let the community take over for where our carriers fail us As your company is leaders in manufacture of mobile processors, I think the public would be pleasantly surprised by support of out-of-date devices in the name of your company.

Iris Pro Graphics Retrieved 3 December GeForce Go GT.

Qualcomm Adreno – Tech

Radeon R5 Bristol Ridge. Another fellow Adreno user HTC Desire signing in and asking for those binaries to be sourced out. We can’t do it alone, linus. Mobility Radeon IGP.


Retrieved June 6, We intentionally show more ljnux when an adblocker is used. I and all of the communities would be so grateful!

Writing Linux Graphics Applications for Snapdragon / Adreno GPUs

Hardware manufacturers such as Qualcomm would do well to consider starting their software drivers as open source projects from the very beginning.

Most of these roms i. I’d like to support this request. If the source code was release, Qualcom could have the full backing of the community to improve performance of the driver if needed.

Adreno 2xx Drivers for ICS Officially Available from Qualcomm!

It is the newest, best thing they own. For more games that might be playable and a list of all games and graphics cards visit our Gaming List.

Qualcomm could make one code drop, and then terminate official support for the hardware whilst allowing enthusiasts to take qdreno drivers forward without limit or assistance.

As a mobile devices enthusiast, I am here to ask Qualcomm to be a real community oriented company.

We restore that feeling that the consumer is still going to get to use the newest toys without having to switch carriers and give up the hardware they need for the software they want.


The first time that happens, though, they tend to hold on to that phone. I’m asking you gp name of me and many other users of your great Adreno based devices to HELP community and us. Mobility Radeon HD Please, switch off ad blockers. I know there are trade secrets and patents involved but it would mean a great deal to every Android fan out there if Qualcomm could consider this proposal. Archived from the original PDF on February 23, Best Regards Martin Knapovsky.

I agree with all the points made here. Created at Mon, 24 Dec Again, great find, Kevin!

GeForce 4 Go. I have featured this thread on the XDA front page. All Mstar 6a based models supported.