I now play off a handicap of 5. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. The 46 inch Matrix Velox T49 shaft is longer than standard for some extra ball speed and is very light at just 49 grams. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Just bought a JetSpeed driver. Not exactly the edginess that we have come to expect from TaylorMade, but I actually quite like it and I think more golfers will too.

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Even so you may still have to increase the loft on the JetSpeed from your usual loft as having the CG lower and closer to the face means that it will need a little more loft to get adjusitng ball on the perfect trajectory. I am just more comfortable getting a club that fits my swing rather than a DIY version.

TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver Review – Golfalot

I actually don’t notice much of a difference in face angle jetseped when I had it at the stock setting. Sign in or Register with Golfalot. Bought the JetSpeed on Friday and didn’t have a chance to practice with it before a scramble on Saturday.

It has helped me a lot. The JetSpeed was easy to hit right out of the gate and it never felt squirrelly. I got this dirt cheap since it is a adjushing underrated driver.


Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Adam Staelin September 16, at 4: I hit the ball as far as I usually do. I play off 15 and would recommend this to all golfers. SLDR is really no different other than possibly the neutral position starting position face angle avjusting be different in the different heads.

This actually makes sense to me as tweaking the loft seems a lot less intrusive to your swing. Weight is another key factor these days and at just under grams, the JetSpeed driver felt very light. Now for the Three Guys Golf test lab. Indeed the feel and sound was probably the best of all the drivers they have launched this year. Nice job writing this review it was definitely helping me feel more comfortable about getting the jetspeed.

Jetspeed driver loft adjustments

Adam Staelin September 16, at 2: I adjustng play off a handicap of 5. Founder and Editor of Three Guys Golf. This gives you a lot of options and some may find this disconcerting, so it would be wise to get custom fitted when you buy this driver to ensure you get the right head and adjusted loft. I gotta say, I have always love Taylormade drivers.



I joined to the yard club yesterday!!! I just bought a Jetspeed after a session in the cage at golfsmith. I jetspred an i20 at 9.

Cleary, I AM no math major. The Fairways are great as well. When you are able to hit the sweet spot on both irons and the “woods” it’s a great feeling. Anyhow, you get the idea, we all have less than perfect swings so it is adjustung least comforting to know TaylorMade was thinking about us when they designed the JetSpeed.

Skip to content You are here: I have a Chris June 9, at 2: Finan October 13, at 2: The key to it is that I feel I have something I can really work with and you simply cannot achieve that with adjusting taylormade jetspeed off the adjustimg Driver. So you can make a 9. I recently bought a Taylormade Jetspeed