The AeroBurner Rescue is a blend of performance and forgiveness. Since the acquisition, Adams has continued to distinguish itself with its hybrid production. This type of unique design feature is what separates Adams from their competitors and has been integrated into most Adams clubs. Pros like easy to hit stuff, you’ll like it too. I found it for the most part to be very easy to hit. The lone shortcoming is a lack of adjustability, and depending on where you fall on this topic that may not be a significant weakness.

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Store Outlet Customer Service. The hosel, starts by using both the white from the back of the clubhead and the black from the face and then transitioning to complete black as the club gets to the ferrel.

They also have a 2-degree flatter lie angle and a 1-degree more upright face angle that will please golfers who have struggled with the hybrid hooks in the past.

The cover adds in ssuper white imitation leather as two rings around the bottom before switching to a black sock so that the headcover does not fall of the hybrid. Engraved in the black portion is the words hybrid.

2013 Adams Golf Idea Super LS Hybrid Review

The AeroBurner is aimed at any golfer looking for more forgiveness and more ball speed from their hybrid, even on slight mishits. The AeroBurner on the other hand, produced consistent draws for me. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The hottest hybrids in golf.


Adams Idea Super LS XTD Hybrid at

From the tee and the fairway this club gets very high marks however. The LS has a thinner, sleeker look that will appeal to golfers who grudgingly gave up their long irons. Dom Esposito Sep 13, at 4: Hybrid Reviews Gear Trials: Who are they for: I thought when first getting to look at the club that the VST crown slot might bother me at address and after using it for a while now I am no longer of that opinion.

Whatever shot you need, this delivers. We added the bells and whistles on the Super LS Hybrid so that you can adjust it to your specs, hit it low, hit it high, bend it around the corner. The R15 produced 1 mph more ball speed and 1 more yard of carry on average over the AeroBurner, with slightly more spin and a slightly lower launch. This type of unique design feature is what separates Adams from their competitors and has been integrated into most Adams clubs.

I kill the LS but nasty hooks come from hits toward the toe But it is sooo sweet on pure strikes. Follow Ronald on Twitter at buffalogolfer. The hybrid serves to cut through moderate rough better than a long iron, with less xuper grab and face twisting.

Adams Golf Idea Super LS Hybrid Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Launch monitor testing confirmed my initial impressions on the driving range that the R15 was outperforming the AeroBurmer, but not by much. Re-Designed Crown Slot A redesigned crown slot that is deeper, longer and thinner provides for improved performance. Another improvement to the Super LS hybrid is the re-designed crown supfr, which has been redesigned to be deeper, longer, and thinner to give improved performance characteristics.


Equipment 2 weeks ago. As has been the case since, In these series of articles, I will be taking you around the Emerald Isle providing you with great golf courses The engineers say that the new crown slot improves deflection across the entire face which gives the golfer a higher launch angle without increasing spin, something everyone is looking for supsr it will create more carry distance.

Both clubs are very long, launch the ball high in the air and are capable of producing a knockdown shot when needed. In addition, I found the degree XR hybrid to launch nearly identically to the degree XR Pro, albeit with less spin.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This is all done in black so one must inspect the clubhead closely to see this design feature. That said, where both clubs differentiated themselves for me was on long approach shots or second shots into a par 5.

This design creates an exceptionally low CG for greater all-around performance. The combination of the two colours works to offer two key benefits: