Click the Remove button. The device is now shared. The Network Setup screen now lists the adapter, along with the default protocol stacks: You should have the latest NetWare Support Pack installed. Keep your computer up to date.

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LOG file located on your C: What if I want to disable the Remote Wake-Up function? Manually Updating an Existing Server Driver 1. On-board Coax Diagnostics Full-Screen Windows Mode To run the diagnostic tests using full-screen windowing, mic The bindings review window will appear for a few seconds, followed by the Network Settings Change window requesting a reboot.

This name must be unique. The workgroup name must be the same for all of the computers on your network with which you want to share information. Modification, reverse engineering, reverse compiling, or disassembly of the Software is expressly prohibited.

To verify that the actual NDIS driver was copied to your Windows 95 system, compare the date of the driver. When you return to the desktop, click the Start button, then choose Control Panel. Your niic should now look like this your slot and bus numbers may be different: Select File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks in the right column.


A standard format for the file must be used, as follows: Depending upon the type of installation, the components required are: Command Line with Configuration File Command syntax: The Network Settings Change windows appears, prompting for 100 reboot.

For exact directions, refer to your Client 32 instructions. Enter the following path to load the NDIS 3 driver.

The installer completes and causes the NIC driver to rebind to the protocols. You may get a general protection fault in module NDIS.

3Com 3C90x EtherLink 10/ PCI NIC Family() Free Driver Download for Windows 98SE

The Answer File varies according to your environment. After the computer reboots, continue at the Windows NT 4. The program configures the media type for you. This key tells the server installation program that you want to change the path. To update your installation and the driver, reboot the PC and then follow the instructions in the Updating Your Driver section below.


It also supports a wide range of network environments and 3c9x software vendors to work with dedicated networks.

3Com 3C90x EtherLink 10/100 PCI NIC Family Free Driver Download

Make sure that you have the Microsoft Network client in your network configuration. Save the changes, exit the Setup program, and continue with the installation.

You agree to hold such trade secrets in confidence.

Windows 95 selects the NIC from a list contained in the install file and displays it in a Window. Reboot the PC when prompted.

Contact your computer’s manufacturer to make sure that you are using the latest BIOS. Windows 95 installs the network software. Click OK after you have been removed all items. Substitute the slot number and bus number of the second NIC in the lines you copied.

When you have finished, click OK.